Women’s minds are really hard to guess. Relying on the invincible advantages of youth, they like a little mature and mature when wearing it. Once they enter the light mature age, they will start pursuing a strong sense of young girls. Essence

And the simple age reduction shape needs to be grasped. It is easy to wear strange effects on the body with a very immature item.

To tell the age of age, it is not just a sense of girlishness. The essence should be to wear a very vitality, so that the shape can not be abrupt, and the whole person looks energetic and youthful.

Li Feier’s student has a strong temperament. The sweater and jeans are refreshing. They come out like the campus. There are a lot of female stars in the entertainment industry. Li Feier is one of them. The freshness is naturally very energetic. There is no suspicion of pretending to be tender at all. It always gives people a very comfortable and resistant effect.

Not only is the figure and state maintained well, but also the skills on wearing are quite outstanding. The white sweater with jeans, full of vitality like college students, can’t see that it is more than thirty years old at all. If you want to wear the age of age and not exaggerated, Li Feier can be used as a model. It is worth learning from mature women to learn from.


Li Feier’s “milk wearing” is so fresh. Sweater and jeans are dressed up and age -reducing fashion. It is really not like 34 years old. Whether it is any style, it must be combined with its own characteristics. In this way Meet the needs of fashion and personality. The more important points of age should be put on the sense of vitality. Fresh and vibrant shapes can get rid of the problem of being tender.


And some of the college -like items will naturally bring a clear sense of age. Like this white V -neck loose sweater, the lines of twist combined with the collar and the stripes on the hem are all representative existence, which can not only show the unique temperament of light mature women, but also add a trace of student atmosphere.

It is well known that the age reduction is not only the choice of single items, but also the color aspect. The dark color has the characteristics of maturity and stability, while the light color system will bring a more young effect.


Therefore, it is recommended to use light -colored items. However, the use of light -colored shapes in large areas can easily look a little bitter, so with color or dark color embellishment, it will make the shape look more bright, and it will also make the shape look more layered, fashionable and foreign qi. The eye -catching degree is full.


In addition, accessories are indispensable, especially some women with mature appearances, and they also need to use accessories to reduce their sense of age. Among the many accessories, the hat is simple and safe.

The effects of different styles of hats are also different, and baseball caps are a representative of a strong sense of vitality. Whether it is a style of any style, once a baseball cap is worn, it will be very different immediately. Compared with other hats, more advantages are the presence of a sense of teenage, even if old women wear it.


Of course, at a certain age, not everyone is suitable for college style. Then try a personality and a handsome look, which will also bring a good effect.

Like a plaid is one of the very good elements, and the classic is a little more retro atmosphere. Purple and black are stable and not old -fashioned, and different colors are more individual. The dark flared pants are used to make the legs look longer visually. The classic small white shoes increase the youthful atmosphere, and it also integrates a bright feeling for the deep shape.

In many ways of dressing, stacking is a stylish and tasteful. The dark green sweater with a white shirt reveals a very atmospheric feeling in the refreshing.

Although it does not highlight the figure curve, the shirts that are seen and have played a good segmentation role. It is easy to wear a long -legged sense of vision, and the sense of layering is rich and thin. The tailoring is a wide and wide -looking jeans, which outlines the curve of the thighs well, and the straight -up version of the lines are very strong, making the legs look shapely and stylish.