The application of Plasma plasma cleaning machine in the mobile phone electronics industry, do you know?

In today’s personal consumption communication market, in addition to the basic functions of pure technology applications, design concepts, design and experience are also the main factor in interfere with the decision -making of purchasing. For example, shell design is especially important for smartphones. While considering the overall quality and design concept, manufacturers are constantly seeking to use more environmentally friendly plasma cleaning to avoid using volatile organic compound systems.


Plasma plasma cleaning technology has been used in the mobile phone industry for many years, allowing smartphones to obtain a beautiful appearance design: the ultra -fine cleaning given by the plasma can remove micro -pollution particles. For example, after the plastic shell is treated with the help of plasma cleaning technology, it has a high interface tension, which can significantly improve the dispersability and adhesion of the coating, thereby using water -based coating.

Plasma plasma cleaning machine uses an electromotive processor to change the surface performance indicators of the processing material, improve the adhesion, and handle the bottle or any squeeze or blowing container before printing or labeling. Plasma cleaning machines can give strong, duplicate, and uniform surface activation, which can achieve lasting adhesion.

Use hot air plasma discharge to improve the adhesion of various surfaces, including complex surface forms. Plasma cleaning machines are used in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, and the surface surface treatment of mobile phone keys and mobile phone cases is used. After coating, coating film and mobile phone cover surface organic matter will be cleaned. Plasma cleaning in the automotive manufacturing industry, such as in rubber Processing before sealing, the control speed can be within 5-20 meters.

What are the advantages of plasma cleaning machines during the processing process?

1. The waste rate in the production process can be greatly reduced;


2. The application of plasma technology can be integrated into the existing coating production line;


3. During the processing process of plasma cleaning, its production speed is increased, and the cost is significantly reduced.

The above information is an analysis of the plasma cleaning machine in the mobile phone electronics industry. I hope you like it.

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