The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on strengthening the party’s political construction clearly states that the party’s political construction is the fundamental construction of the party. It determines the direction and effect of the party’s construction, which is related to the unification of the great struggle, great engineering, great cause, great cause, great cause, great cause, great cause, great cause dream. In the new era, in the face of the intricate international situation and the arduous and heavy reform and development tasks, only the banner can strengthen the party’s political construction, can the party’s political direction, firm political principles, and correct political routes can unify the will of the entire party, condense the whole party’s will, condense the whole of the whole party Party forces work together to achieve the party’s program and goals. Strengthening the political construction of the party is to put the quasi -political direction, adhere to the political leadership of the party, consolidate the political foundation, cultivate the political ecology, prevent political risks, maintain political nature, improve the political capabilities, and continue to grow and develop for our party, from victory to victory to victory Provide important guarantees.

However, as politics and morality have always been dependent on lip and teeth, the party’s political construction must never leave the nourishment of the moral spirit and the support of moral power. Morality is the self -decision ability of rational existence. It is the ability to realize the law that human beings that establish a rational existence as a rational existence, and the ability of human freely. Morality is the added value of individuals or organizations due to virtue. It has a very important role in the party’s political construction in social life, and generates demonstration, leading power, cohesion, self -control, integration, etc. in social life.

1. Moral cohesion is conducive to strengthening the party’s centralized unified leadership

Moral cohesion is a type of organizational cohesion. It is the organization that the organization promotes its moral ideals and value goals to clarify its nature, tasks, and purpose to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of their members. Ability. To strengthen the party’s political construction, the primary task is to ensure that the whole party obeys the central government, resolutely maintains the authority and centralized and unified leadership. So how to truly realize “obedience” and “maintenance”? The premise of the cohesion of the party must be an important factor in moral cohesion. Without the cohesion, there is no heart force, and there is no possibility of “obedience” and “maintenance” without centripetal force. The Chinese Communist Party’s governing status has been obtained in political activities, but how to maintain the status of this ruling party still accepts the test of political legitimacy. Therefore Tolerance can represent the common interests of most members of the whole society. Therefore, the ruling party must have cohesion, especially the moral cohesion to make themselves the true representative of the people’s interests. The factors to maintain the orderly development of society. During the modern market economy construction, the ruling party, as the main organizer of the state power, how to consolidate various forces in China and accelerate the modernization of society is a major task of the ruling party. A ruling party only created real political achievements. Only to truly gain the recognition and support of the public, so that the position of governing can be maintained for a long time.

At the same time, to maintain the authority of the central government, to obtain the majority of party members and cadres to “concentric”, first of all, we must establish an authoritative center. This authority does not rely on power to be maintained, but is cast by the people’s hearts and party hearts. In a democratic society, due to the diversity of interests, the state, as a public power agency, should give equal protection to different interest subjects, rather than favoring a certain interest. Large tolerance not only adheres to the people from beginning to end, but also be good at condensing different interest requirements and uniting various forces in China to accelerate modernization. Therefore, the democratic market economy determines that the ruling party must use the most basic spirit of the ruling party to improve the cohesion of the ruling party and use the supply of fair order as the most fundamental moral standard for condensing social forces. But morality has never been a “virtual” of “suspended”, nor is it just the “alarm” of Taoist scholars, but it is rooted in people’s realistic interests. Moral cohesion is essentially the embodiment of the common nature. The centralized and unified leadership is inseparable from the moral cohesion based on the consistency of interests.

Interest is the foundation of morality. This is the basic point of view of Marxism. As Engels said, “People consciously or unconsciously, in the final analysis, they always from the actual relationship based on their class status -from them to production and production and In the exchange of economic relations, you can get your own ethical concept. “The concentrated manifestation of economic relations is a interest relationship, and moral issues are fundamentally a matter of interest. It is precisely because of the difference in interest relationships that there are morality and levels of morality. Common interest orientation produces moral cohesion. With moral cohesion, it will generate recognition of the political community. Only by ensuring the consistency of interest orientation and the maximum care of consistent interests, can we have a sense of political identity and obedience, and truly firmly establish the “four consciousness”, strengthen the party’s political line, strictly abide by political discipline With political rules, in the political position, political direction, political principles, and political roads, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core is highly consistent.

Second, moral appearance rate is conducive to serious political life within the party

Moral expressions are the ability to influence morality, and it is also the appeal of role models. It is a ability to attract, inspires, and affect other members of the society with its noble moral quality, lofty personality, beautiful personality, beauty and good moral behavior. The reason why morality has an example is because in long -term social practice, when a person or an organization has a noble moral quality and lofty personality, it will produce a charm of beauty and kindness. It will constantly shock the souls of other members of the society, so that other members can involuntarily admire and praise. Because anyone has the ability to do good and also has a desire to good. When the subject is manifested in social behavior with its noble moral quality and lofty personality, other members will make positive and good goodness of their behavior and goodness of their behavior. Judging, and consciously adjust your actions according to the modeling spirit shown by the subject. To strengthen the party’s political construction, we must seriously implement the political life within the party, and strictly implement the provisions of the political life within the party and some standards of political life within the party under the new situation, and strengthen the political, era, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, principles, Combatability, consciously resist the erosion of the principle of commodity exchange on the life within the party, and create a good political ecology with a clear style. This requires each party member, especially party members and cadres to have strict moral self -control, and then become a moral example.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that party members and leading cadres, especially senior cadres, must strengthen self -discipline, be cautious, and strengthen their political determination, discipline, morality, and resistance. Solve the problem of “political nature”. In the long -term revolution and construction process, the Communist Party of China can work hard to work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and achieve one victory after another. It is precisely because our party has always adhered to the morality of the party and the morality of party members. From Yan’an’s rectification to “not forgetting the original intention, keeping in mind the mission” education, from Mao Zedong’s “Serving the People’s”, Liu Shaoqi’s “On the Cultivation of the Communist Party” to the “Code of integrity and self -discipline of the Communist Party of China”, it is all the ” Fields “and” True Scriptures “. In the new era, the governance environment facing our party is complicated. The factors that affect the party’s advanced nature and the purity of weakening the party are also complicated. The problems of impure thoughts in the party, impure organization, and impure work style have not yet. Get fundamental solution. In addition, the ruling test, reform and opening up test, market economy test, and external environmental test have long -term and complexity. Senior. Only by strengthening morality and self -control can we fundamentally govern the party.

The Chinese nation is a nation with excellent cultural traditions. Ancient scholars, especially Confucian scholars, especially emphasized the role of morality in politics, and regarded morality as the fundamental content of political activities. Confucius said: “Politician, positive, Zi Shuai is right, dare not correct?” To strengthen the influence of moral example, when the leaders are displayed with their noble moral qualities and lofty personality charm in the world, they can produce an unsuccessful and unrealistic effect, and the people will consciously imitate. Otherwise, even if they are suppressed by political power, the people only dare not violate their punishment. The words and deeds are more considered from the aspect of avoiding punishment, and they cannot truly respect and serve social order from their hearts. As a result, the moral level of party members and cadres is the foundation of the rise and fall of social chaos. As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, our party is facing a new historical test and facing new historical mission. Only by morality can establish the party’s authority and enhance political legitimacy, our career can continue to prosper, so that we can write the historical answers that the people handed over to us with their ethics.

3. Moral integration is conducive to improving the party’s political capabilities

Moral integration refers to the integration of society to integrate different moral consciousness, moral value orientation and moral ethics concepts to form a unified, open and interconnected moral process. Moral integration includes two aspects. One is to integrate various moral norms and form a unified, open, and stable moral norms system in the society; the first is to integrate various moral values, form a moral consensus, build construction, build construction A fair social ethics order. From the first aspect, moral integration must complete two tasks of two aspects, that is, by establishing the leading moral principles on the one hand, various moral norms form a whole under the leadership of the principle of value. The core values ​​of doctrine lead the construction of the moral norm system; on the other hand, through the innovation of the moral norm system, abandon the outdated morality, must be ethical in a timely manner, advocate the morality of the time, so that the socialist moral system can meet the current needs, but also meet the times to meet the times. The development and change of moral order in openness. In the second aspect, through moral propaganda and moral education, it advocates mainstream moral consciousness among members of all society, enables mainstream moral consciousness to be accepted by members of the whole society, forms value consensus and universal ethics, and uses this consensus correctly to correctly use this consensus correctly Guiding people’s behavior and social opinion, forming a righteous social order in the whole society, this is the embodiment of the party’s political ability.

Adhering to the party’s leadership of all work, it must be too politically strong and highly capable. Only a distinctive political attitude and unique political ability. When talking about politics, it will be unhappy. , Constantly improving political consciousness and political capabilities. Political capabilities are the extremely important capabilities of leading cadres, that is, the ability to grasp the direction, grasp the general trend, and grasp the overall situation, that is, the ability to maintain political determination, control the political situation, and prevent political risks, that is, to understand problems, analyze problems, solve problems from politically, solve problems In order to improve these political capabilities, we need strong moral integration. Moral integration is the promotion and advocacy of mainstream moral consciousness, value, and ethical concepts through the society, and adjust the various moral norms and values ​​of society, create and build a unified, open, and stable moral norm system and a fair society. Order ability.

Moral integration ability is an important social regulation ability, because social stability is the order of society, and social order is a complex and organic system, including organic unity in various aspects such as economic order, political order, legal order, and moral order. In modern society, the supply of stable order can be obtained through the coordination and control of economic interests, obtained through power forces, can be obtained through the compulsory of law, and can also be obtained through moral integration. Human activities are affected and restricted by the concept of value, so moral regulation is an important social regulation. In the period of major transformation of society, with the disintegration of traditional social structures, social and economic composition, organizational forms, employment methods, interest relationships and distribution methods are becoming more and more diversified. This diversification of this social form will inevitably lead to the diversification of moral concepts. For the post -transformation period, the ethics of the post -transformation period, there are both new morals that are consistent with the development of the market economy, as well as the traditional morality that reflects the economy of the ancestors of the legal system, as well as the utilitarian morality that reflects capitalism. The diversification of national morality as a social phenomenon is the inevitable of history. How to integrate social morality and moral norms with mainstream value concepts, how to promote ethics of the world, preach the morality of the world, and advocate the ethics of the world. Sex, also advocating the advanced nature of morality, how to build a universal and mature moral rationality of society, and establish a fair and fair social moral order. This is a basic political task of our party in the new era. Essence This requires the entire party comrades to work hard to achieve excessive belief, excellent politics, strong responsibility, and strong style, and make their political ability with the responsibilities of leadership, ensuring that the party’s cause has always moved along the correct political direction.

(This article is the phased achievement of the national major project “History of Chinese Political Ethics Thought” (16ZDA130).

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