Three -point looks and seven -point dressing, no matter what season or occasion, a 60 -year -old woman must have some requirements for herself, paying attention to it, instead of how old -fashioned with the waves.

Taking winter as an example, while the 60 -year -old woman takes into account the warmth and comfort, it is also necessary to properly pursue fashion and elegance, so that dress is in line with their own temperament. This time, let’s enjoy the winter wearing the 60+ amateur blogger back street.

1. Janpole pants+flat shoes

When women are 60 years old, they need to pay attention to the choice of pants in winter. Generally, it is not recommended to choose wide -leg mopped pants. Such pants are pressed and procrastinated. Keep warm and unyielding.


Generally speaking, choose the high -waisted cropped pants above the ankle above the ankle. It can expose the slender ankle and relatively neat. When the jacket is polarized or in the form of a micro -outline, it can also balance the expansion and expansion. feel.


Choose a cone or straight pants in winter. It is visually restrained and modifying the legs of the legs. Whether you are thick legs, small legs, or legs, you can get it.


Black cropped pants are thin and stable, gray cropped pants are restrained and intellectual, while white cropped pants are clean and high -level. Pay attention to it. When choosing a white model, you can consider the quiet and soft primary colors and rice.

Town pants and flat shoes can be worn with the effect of sight. However, flat shoes should be thin and beautiful. It is best to use leather fabrics, such as flat -bottomed British leather shoes or loafers.


The finishing touch with colored flat shoes is a common method for many fashionables, but women are 60 years old. It is not recommended to choose color shoes. Black, brown or coffee color is more practical.

When wearing a basic color or the earth color long coat or jacket, you can also use the color echo skills to enhance the refinement.

Two, nine -point pants+short boots

If a 60 -year -old woman wants to win comfort and fashion in winter, in addition to choosing flat shoes without any pressure on the foot type, you can also try short boots.

The length of the short boots is mostly in the ankle area. The combination of nine -point pants just plays a role in connecting, and it is easy to protect the warmth. Of course, you can also roll the nine -point pants legs to extend the calf lines through some dew, and the fashion sense Double!

When the jacket and shoes are dark, choose light -colored nine -point pants to easily increase the brightness, so that the dress can get rid of the dullness.

There is also a layer of benefits of the combination of nine -point pants and short boots, that is, the length of the nine -point pants is moderate. Whether using a straight tube or a cone pants, you do n’t have to worry about procrastination when combining short boots.


And the pointed flat boots or thick -heeled boots in the pointed head are thin and long, modifying the body curve and enhancing women’s taste.

Whether it is a woolen coat, knitted jacket or cotton jacket, it is very common in the 60 -year -old woman’s wardrobe. I do n’t want to make the same style. Then choose a combination of nine -point pants and short boots.

This method is also suitable for cold stars, don’t worry about frozen ankles.


After the age of 60, when a woman chooses short boots, it is nothing more than chosen from black, camel, gray or brown. Although they take into account beauty and practicality, the highest -level combination is the same color top and cropped pants.

Choose the earth color cotton clothing and cropped pants, and connect a pair of camel -color boots.

Three, nine -point pants+boots

In winter, the longer the length of the boots, the more you can keep warm, but the longer it is, the better, like over -knee boots, it is not as fashionable as the knee and lower boots and knee boots.

They are very tolerant of leg shape. After combining the nine -point pants, they can easily modify the calf lines. However, when using this method, it is recommended that the nine -point pants and the lower knee boots form a smooth color to create long legs.

Or choose some boots that do not make mistakes, such as black and brown boots.


Black cropped black cropped pants and black knee boots with black long coats. The all -black color color is both cool and calm, but also tall and thin, but it is necessary to stack a light -colored or color line in it, and the shape is more bright and touching.

Women are 60 years old. Dressing in winter may try nine -point pants+flat shoes, nine -point pants+boots, elegant, comfortable and warm!


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