Alloga Biocare professional cosmetics series packaging


To Develop Packaging for the Alloga Biocare Professional Cosmetics Line with Nature Ingredients.

The owner of the company, Elena Pinkalskaya, a beautician with vast experience, knows firsthand how difficult it is to find a professional narrowly targeted product. Not finding ready-made solutions on the market, Elena decided to develop her own care products.


Alloga Biocare专业化妆品系列包装

Professional care is no longer a secret available to units.


An experienced specialist knows that for beauty and health it is important not only timely visits to the cosmetologist but also independent daily care aimed at maintaining the result. But where to buy the same product as a specialist, if the mass market focuses on the average buyer and his requests? Alloga Biocare is a professional skincare product with a highly targeted action, developed by an experienced cosmetologist based on the needs of its patients. For example, the products of the line carefully care for extended eyelashes, without dissolving the adhesive, and Thereby Preserving the work of the master for a longer period.

Alloga Biocare专业化妆品系列包装

Our Brand Lives in Two Spaces: It can be bough in Beauty Salons and Pharmacies, and Online Through Instagram.

Alloga Biocare专业化妆品系列包装

The sign showing the relationship of medicine and aesthetics is formed by the ligature “a +” and is easy to remember. Using two colors: white and bronze, personify a professional approach and quality.

Now the lineup has a minimal set of products: facil cleanser, Face Cream and Makeup Remover, but in the future, the lineup will naturally expand.


Alloga Biocare专业化妆品系列包装

Develop the packaging of Alloga BIOCARE professional cosmetics series with natural ingredients.

The company’s owner Elena Pinkalskaya is a beautyist with rich experience. He first knows how difficult it is to find targeted professional products. Because it is impossible to find a ready -made solution in the market, Elena decides to develop its own care products.


Professional care is no longer the secret of the unit.


An experienced expert knows that for beauty and health, it is important to not only visit the beauty artist in time, but also maintain independent daily care to maintain the effect. However, if the public market is concerned about ordinary buyers and their needs, where can I buy the same products as experts? Alloga Biocare is a highly targeted professional skin care product, which is developed by experienced beauticians according to the needs of patients. For example, the product of the production line carefully cares the extended eyelashes without dissolving the adhesive, which can retain the mother’s version for a long time.

Our brand lives in two fields: it can be purchased in both beauty salons and pharmacies, or online purchases through Instagram.

Use the word “A +” to form a symbol of the relationship between medicine and aesthetics, and it is easy to remember. Use two colors of white and bronze to represent a professional practice and quality.

At present, there are very few products in the product lineup: facial cleanser, cream and makeup remover, but in the future, the product lineup will naturally expand.

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