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1. Open the door

At the position of the fourth equivalence, the two ends are folded inward and aligned in the center.

2. Fold

9种折页印刷设计分享 记得收藏备用

The simple form of folding at both ends, the folding line is often in the center

9种折页印刷设计分享 记得收藏备用

3. Spring folding

Repeated folding forms inside and outside, also known as Fengqin folds.

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4. Two % off spring

At the position of three -class points, fold inside and one outside.

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5. Guanyin Fold

The form of folding the door from it can constitute up to 8 sides.

6. Cross folding

9种折页印刷设计分享 记得收藏备用

The horizontal and vertical directions are discounted once each, with 20 % off and 30 % off.

9种折页印刷设计分享 记得收藏备用

7. Bao Two Fold

At the position of the third -class point, the two ends are folded to the central government.

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8. Bao three folds

At the position of the fourth division, fold it three times in a row.

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9. Riding nails

Stack multiple pieces of pairs of paper together and bind it in the center.

Welfare interaction

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