Summer skirts can be said to be a must -have in each female wardrobe,

However, many women can’t wear a skirt well. They always wear the skirt very tacky, and it seems that the whole person is rustic. It is not a simple matter to wear the skirt. At this time, the matching of the skirt needs to be learned.

First wearing a skirt must be paired with tops, let’s teach you how to choose a skirt top.

First: Select the top style according to the version

When we get a skirt, we must first consider what its version is.

For example, the skirt wearing the model below is a dark coffee color, A -line version, and long base skirt. Such skirts have no design features, so many times you can ignore its version problems and choose a simple, color matching top.

Another example is the following skirt, which is an irregular skirt. Such skirts have a very complicated version design, so according to the simple and simple principle of dressing.

We can choose a basic top to match this skirt, so that the two versions have a foundation, one has a personality to achieve a harmonious and complementary effect. Therefore, the top of the skirt must be considered first.

Second: Select the top according to the pattern

In addition to selecting the top according to the version of the skirt, we can also choose the appropriate top according to the color of the skirt.

For example, the skirt wearing the model below is very complicated. Compared to the solid skirt, such a color is generally difficult to match the coat. We can choose the main color of the skirt color, and then choose this color top to achieve an echo effect.


If you feel that the color of the color is too complicated, and it seems very deliberate,

Then you can try to use a very universal match, that is, with basic color such as white, black, and gray, no matter what kind of colorful skirts, these three colors can be controlled.

So it is also a relatively lazy color matching method. Girls with low levels can be worn like this.


Finally, choose a top according to the style

The last way is to choose a top based on the style of our skirt.


For example, the skirt in the figure below is black. The tight -fitting style of the hips is sexy, intellectual, and mysterious. In this way Top, uniform style of matching is also good -looking.


The style of judging a skirt is very simple. Just choose according to its material, pattern, and version.

For example, the satin -made skirt is generally high -level. Such skirts are also very elegant and smart, which is suitable for some intellectual shirts.

In addition, if your skirt is lighter, it is not suitable for dark tops, which will destroy the overall light -colored gentleness, and the light color+white is the best.

With look reference

Reference 1: White shirt+pink hip skirt

The pink skirt style is too gentle, so if the color of the coat is not white and light pink, it can easily destroy its gentleness, so women who like to wear pink skirts,


May wish to try to match a white shirt, and the style of the hips is sexy. Be sure to choose a super short -style top, so as to highlight the grace of the figure.

Reference 2: Black hook edge long skirt+white suit top


If you wear more naked skirts in summer, such as the style of a suspender, or a low -cut style,

Then such skirts can be tried to wear with small suits. In the summer, some cotton -linen small suit is cool and breathable. It is just right with a colorful skirt, and wearing it is formal and feminine, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.

You can wear high -heeled shoes like this, which has a certain increase in high heels. High heels can choose thick heels. It is also suitable for commuting without tired feet.


Reference 3: dark coffee color skirt+green camisole top

The style of some skirts is not very easy to judge, then we can start with the color matching of the clothes,

If you feel that your color is not good enough, then it will not be wrong to use the color to echo the harmony of matching.


If you feel monotonous in summer, if you feel monotonous,

Then you can try to match some necklaces or earrings. The overall combination can be stronger. In addition, the unified material of the match needs to pay attention to it,

Cotton+cotton will look better.

Well, this summer skirt top selection method is introduced here. If you do n’t wear a skirt, then try this matching method. How to do it.

First, choose the top according to the color of the skirt. Second, choose the top according to the style of the skirt, and finally choose the top according to the pattern of the skirt.

Have you learned it?