Lyric membrane

It refers to a plastic film with a different surface on the surface of the plastic film. The separation film and special materials do not have stickiness or mild viscosity after touching it under relatively limited conditions.

The separation membrane is more and more applied to electronic products. The previously used lyric membranes that do not prevent electrostatic, but compared to electronic products, anti -static protection is an important job. Therefore Considering the production and application of electronic products, if there is customer satisfaction, there will be a sales market, and the anti -static ionizing membrane will develop into a trend in the future.

Classification of ionized membrane and the use of various separate membranes

1. Silicon oil ionization film

Uses and characteristics:

The application of silicon oil -based membrane division cutting industry and the application of the graphite industry.

Use high -quality PET substrates, uniform and stable ionization, non -anti -static/single (dual) anti -static, and diverse thickness and color. It is mainly used in industries such as non -dry tape, double -sided tape industry, precision material mold cutting.


The silicone oil ionization film used in the graphite industry has uniform and stable, ultra -light/ultra -heavy -length separation force, thickness, diverse colors, 3 ~ 400g range, and can also be used as an anti -static layer according to customer requirements. It is mainly used in the pressure extension of graphite nude.

Second, fluorine ionized film

Fluorin lyric membrane is also known as fluoroplasty ionized membrane. This iconic membrane is made of fluoride organic silicon and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. For silica tape, it has excellent stripping performance. Flipinolic membrane is mainly used in high -temperature tape and golden finger composite mold cutting process.

Third, non -silicon ionized film

In addition to the heavier peeling force, the non -silicon illegal membrane also has its functions in some fields that cannot contain silicon because it does not use the silicon series. The non -silicon ionized membrane produced by Dingli Film Technology has the characteristics of uniform lyric force, uniform thickness, temperature resistance and weather resistance, good tensile strength, and good thermal stability.

The main uses of non -silicon illegal membranes are hot melting glue, HC transfer, micro -adhesive glue, and micro -adhesive protective film processing membrane. In addition, due to its heavy stripping power, when machining is very small, it can play a good role in preventing or falling off the ionizing membrane.

Fourth, anti -static ionization film

In the information age, electromagnetic waves will cause different degrees of interference to unliked sensitive electronic components, circuit boards, and communication equipment, causing data distortion and communication disorders. The electromagnetic induction and friction static electricity generates various sensitive elements, instruments, and certain chemical products. If the accumulation of high -voltage discharge due to the accumulation of static electrostasis of the packaging film, the consequences will be destructive. Essence

To measure the quality of the ionized membrane, the ionization force is an important reference item

, Distotic power is also called Liquida, which refers to the degree of ionization of icing paper. There is no absolute value at this point. Seeing the different formulas of each manufacturer, it is determined that according to the amount of oil coating Film, medium ionized ionized membrane, heavy ionized film, ultra -light ionized ionized film, and its units are usually represented by G. The ionizing membrane with ionizing power within 3G is called ultra -light lyric lyric membrane.

So, what factors determine the size of the ionized membrane and ionization?

There are several reasons for the specifics:


1. Applying technology:

Whether the coating equipment and technology directly affect the amount of silicon coating and uniformity;

2. Silicon oil type:

Silicon oil quality, ingredients, and dryness;

3. Original paper condition:

The surface smoothness, density uniformity and thickness of the surface of the original paper affect silicon coating;

4, coating volume:

Silicon oil coating volume is the same as ionized force ratio;

5. Adhesive:

The adhesive adhesion is proportional to the ionization.

Uses and characteristics:

Uses and characteristics:

Uses and characteristics: