I believe that many friends who travel to Indonesia have encountered such a big problem: Various products are full of products. What special products should I bring back to China?

Moms and dads look forward to gifts, relatives and friends aim at the opportunity to buy a good purchase, and the friends in the office also cheer your palms to see how you say … Farewell to choose difficulty, Xiaobian has selected you, very distinctive, suitable for The Indonesian specialty strategy that can also be given to relatives and friends can also give a copy!




1. Indonesian cassa chips

Cutchota chips from Indonesia are different from the potato chips we usually eat because it is made of cassava. Cafea is 30 % less than the fat content of potatoes. It contains dietary fiber, more crispy and nutritious, and has the effect of swelling and detoxifying. Is it possible to eat potato chips unscrupulous, not afraid of fat and get angry ~


2. Indonesian bird’s nest


Bird’s nest in the world basically comes from Southeast Asia, and Indonesia’s bird’s nest production accounts for 80 % of the world’s total. Giving gifts is very full ~


Indonesian bird’s nest is clean and smooth, white and delicate, nourishing the lungs and yin. Instead of buying a bird’s nest in the bird’s nest shop, it is better to choose it directly in the local area ~

3, Indonesian ginger candy


Indonesian ginger candy is made with ginger to refine ginger juice, and then integrates the flexible fresh maltose and white sugar. Select it right!

After lunch, I ca n’t afford the spirit when I work. I always want to chew some in the afternoon tea time -eating peales and ginger candy stimulates toughness and refreshing ~


4, Indonesian shrimp films

There are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia. On the more than 1,000 islands living in some people, whether high officials and rich people or civilians, they all like a snack-shrimp film. Sweet, spicy, colorful, everything … no need to choose, relatives, friends and friends!


5, Indonesian instant noodles


Don’t think that buying instant noodles in Indonesia is funny. Indonesian instant noodles rely on a seasoning bag full of exotic atmosphere. The long -term world instant noodle rankings are in the top ten! It is mainly recommended for Indomie Mi Goreng.


6, cat shit coffee


Cat shit coffee is a specialty of Indonesia. Cat shit coffee is called “the most fragrant stool since there is shit.”

Musk cats like coffee fruit, but they can’t digest hard coffee seeds, so they discharge with the feces. Coffee beans that have been fermented by musk cats are particularly thick and mellow, and then after selecting, drying, deodorizing, processing roasting and other processes, it creates the most rare, unique coffee, and one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Essence It’s really fragrant, it’s not stinky at all!


7, Dongge Ali

Dong Ge Ali is a shrub herbaceous plant on the slope of the tropical rain forest. Together with bird’s nest, tin wares and tin wares are also known as the three major national treasures of Malaysia.

It contains a variety of alkaloids that can treat allergies, fever and other diseases. In addition, it also contains a variety of elements that can resist cancer, antioxidant, anti -humidity and anti -aging, and can make tea and soup. As soon as I heard the anti -aging editor, I felt that I really need it. TT


8, Indonesia pastry

When traveling, everyone likes to gather some small cakes together and talk about the fun on the road. There are many types of pastries in Indonesia, including thousands of layers of cakes, Xianglan cakes, Nyonya cakes, etc. The taste is sweet and refreshing, the packaging is exquisite, it is the best gift!


Handicraft articles

1, agarwood

Indonesia is a world -renowned agarwood origin. The biggest feature is the fragrance of the marsh plants with the unique swamp water grass in the fragrance. Some of the best agarwood in Anwen also have a rare scent of ambergris, which is extremely advanced. Agarwood is used in furniture, necklaces, bracelets, or crafts.

2, wax dye Budi shirt

Budi shirt (wax dye) is the main traditional costumes of Indonesia. The royal noble president attended the grand occasion. When the ordinary people were buying and selling in the market, they would put on a Budi shirt. Japanese wearing kimono, South Korea wearing Hanbok, wearing a Budi shirt when you come to Indonesia!

In different places in Indonesia, there will be different characteristics of wax dye patterns and colors, flowers, birds, animals, geometric graphics, and current design are fashionable and generous.

3, ebony


Sandalwood is Indonesian Treasurem, and it takes more than hundreds of years. Sandalwood is produced a lot in Indonesia. There must be attention to distinguish between authenticity.

Indonesian ebony, Indian rosewood, Hainan Huanghuali, the three are recognized as the head of mahogany, which is highly collected.

4, various corals

Indonesia’s waters are wide and the number of underwater species is amazing, and corals are one of them. In Indonesia’s small island Mina, the coral area is about 60,000 square kilometers, accounting for about one -seventh in the world, and the preservation is very intact.

The corals developed now are made into various crafts, such as Buddha beads, ornaments, and young sisters can have a coral bracelet ~

5, Bodhi

Bodhi, especially King Kong Bodhi, has 70 % of the world’s output in the world. As a new pet, it is very popular in the domestic text market. The price is rising, the supply is in short supply.


Ding cigarette is a specialty of Indonesia. It is made of clove leaf oil and tobacco leaves. It is rich in fragrance. It is said that cigarettes that can cure asthma disease have a fresh feeling, but Xiaobian still has to talk more: smoking is harmful to health!

Do you decide what to buy in Indonesia? It is also said that duty -free shops in Indonesia International Airport are cheaper than duty -free shops elsewhere.

Source: Indonesia Full Netcom

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