The old saying is good, “the cold starts from the feet”, many girls have reached winter, and even if the whole body is wrapped thick, the feet are easily cold, so choosing a warm shoes has become the most important in many people in winter to wear What else is there to mention the warmth function?

snow boots

What’s more outstanding?

Snow boots and thick fluff are added, which has a good wrapping

, Able to keep heat and keep warm

Compared with other shoes, the whole of snow boots

The fabric texture is relatively soft

, No hardness, so it will give people a kind of

The soft feeling, the version is not good enough, the matching is more difficult.

So next, let’s share with you the attention of the snow boots and the correct dressing demonstration of snow boots.


Note for the selection of snow boots

01: Choosing short models is thinner than long models

If you divide it according to the height, you can generally be divided into

Short and medium -length

The short model is about to the ankle, and the medium -length model will wrap the calf,

The visual effect produced by the former should be more refreshing, and at the same time, the thin effect is stronger


The latter will face the whole

The leg lines form a widened treatment, making the leg shape look more bloated

, Especially for girls who are more petite, wearing such medium and long snow boots will also cause damage to the entire leg ratio.

Pressing height and shortness

02: Skin -style snow boots are more versatile

In recent years, the style of snow boots has become more and more diverse. Many designers will add some very much

Cute element

For example, combining with animals to create a sense of childishness. Although it is cute, it is also difficult to match, and the requirements for age will increase


, It looks not practical enough

, Compared with

Simple classic style is more durable and versatile

It is also more friendly for ordinary people.

Snow boots to wear

① Pay attention to the combination of wide tightness between items

As I said earlier, the snow boots are relatively thick and bloated because of the problems of the fabric itself, so when combining it with single products, we must pay attention to



When we have determined that the snow boots are taking a loose route, then


It is best to choose a slim design.


This advantage is also very obvious,

On the one hand, you can use the slim design and snow boots to form a sense of complementarity internal and external, so that the shape looks more refreshing and neat

on the other hand


You can also use loose shoe mouth to compare with tight pants,

Let the leg lines look smoother.

Case: shark pants+snow boots+long coats

Compared with ordinary tights, shark pants are more elastic and have

Abdomen and abdomen

The effect, at the same time it also has some sense of pressure, can


Tighten the muscles of the calf

If you combine with thin black black, then your legs will look thinner. In this case,

With a pair of slightly loose snow boots, it can easily create a full sense of capable.

At the same time, because the pants of the lower body are close, the shoes on the feet are heavy, for

Avoid head heavy feet light

, The upper body clothing or jacket, you can choose to bring


Wide -shoulder design or long style


Reason, this can play a medium -fitting role,

Make the shape more harmonious.

02: Choose a complementary color or smooth color, more fashionable

At the same time, the color of snow boots can also work hard. In most cases, we prefer the snow boots that are khaki. In addition, gray and black are also very common.

So when you install it, you can

Select according to the color of snow boots

Determine whether it is a complementary style or a smooth style

The former can make the shape more eye -catching, while the latter can create a sense of extension and show long legs.

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How to wear snow boots to become fashionable? Pay attention to the details below, so that you are exquisite winter