Do skirts do long or short? Different people have different answers. Some people think that the shorter the skirt, the longer the legs, and some people think that the skirt is not short or long. And many fashionable essence believes that the longer the skirt, the more fashionable.

why would you said this? After everyone understands the following four long skirts, I understand that not only makes you more elegant and high -level, but also enough for you to wear a whole summer.


The first: pleated half body skirt


Having a strong skirt with a strong line of lines, full of sweet girls, wearing it is not a problem with the age of five or six, it is most suitable for female friends from 25 to 35 years old. Successful, they can become a little girl in seconds, and they fail to reduce their age.

If the sweet girl feels the greatest charm of a pleated skirt, then the sense of self -layering is the unique charm of pleated skirt, which also means that the pleated skirt is better than other style long skirts, because Dressing is a sense of overall layering.

For example, the blogger’s “mint green shirt+mint green pleated skirt” shape, even if the shirt is consistent with the color of the pleated skirt, the overall still shows a good sense of layering. It can be seen that the pleated skirt itself How strong is the sense of hierarchy.

In addition to full of sweet girly, with a sense of hierarchy, pleated skirts also have colorful colors, such as white pleated skirts, black pleated skirts, checkered pleated skirts, taro purple purple skirts, taro purple purple purple Pleumal skirts and so on.

Among them, the best checkered pleated skirt with the best eye, a pleated skirt with checkered elements, from color to pattern, all have visual impact, wearing plaid pleated skirts out of the street out on the street , Easily earn enough to turn back.


Second paragraph: denim half -body long skirt


The denim half -body skirt is made of denim fabric. It may be because the denim fabric has its own youthful vitality. It can also be because the women wearing denim products are mostly a little girl in their early twenties. No matter what the reason, the denim is half -length anyway, anyway The skirt is the only long skirt that can show youthful vitality. Young girls around the age of twenty are not suitable.

In addition, the denim half -body long skirt can also meet the needs of young girls’ pursuit of personality. For example, this denim half -body skirt with a split design and ripping elements, even with ordinary white shirts, is not obvious, full of fullness, full Fashion fan. Follow the blogger to wear this, presumably, you can also become a fashionable essence.

There is also this skirt for an umbrella -like denim skirt, covering the flesh and thin ability, and slightly fat girls put on this denim half -body skirt, easily say to the fat, and experience the feeling of being a goddess. However, everyone needs to note that in order to avoid wearing a procrastination, we are better like this, stuffing the top into the waist,

Third paragraph: floral dress

The skirt length exceeds the knee position, the floral dress, it is difficult to control, it is difficult and difficult. It is difficult to stump many people. The color is too flower, the color is too gorgeous, the pattern is too large, and the pattern is too dense can affect the wear effect of floral dress. As for how to train the color pattern of the floral dress, we can learn from the blogger’s floral dress.


Because the white color itself is clean, the floral dress with white as the background is not fancy even if it is covered with floral patterns.


It doesn’t matter if you can’t find a white floral dress with white as the background. You can match a white coat outside the floral dress. The white color of the white jacket has a super high saturation. To a certain extent, it can weaken the fancy feeling of the floral dress, and it can also transfer people’s focus from the floral dress to the white jacket. Once people not notice notice Flower dresses, naturally don’t think the floral skirt is fancy.


Fourth paragraph: suspender long skirt

It may be because the sling long skirt has a large skin area, or because the figure of ordinary girls is not good enough. Anyway, in the summer, there are only a handful of people who wear long skirts. Under normal circumstances, everyone goes out in a long skirt with a long skirt.

Combining the sling long skirt with various coats, it ’s okay to say it’ s good, bad or bad. The good place is to use the coat to achieve the two purposes of hiding the shortcomings of the upper body and showing different fashion senses. The bad place is to show the femininity of the sling long skirt.


However, since everyone likes to wear a long skirt with a jacket, let’s take a look at how bloggers match their jackets.


This blogger is matched with a suit jacket. It is difficult to imagine that with the officially -known suit jacket with a long skirt, it becomes so intellectual and elegant. Essence

The above is the four long models I shared with you. Do you like it? If you like it, just arrange for yourself. I promise that with the above four long skirts, you don’t have to worry about dressing all summer.


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Wearing skirts this year, popular “wearing long and not short”, especially these 4 models, covering the meat is thin and temperamental