Is the water from the direct drinking machine safe? What do you need to pay attention to during use? On November 23, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Water Resources launched the Guangdong “Min Sheng Hotline” to respond to social concerns. In the question and answer session of the folk voice, some citizens proposed that because they did not understand the filtering principle and related technical standards of direct drinking water, they did not dare to try direct drinking water. The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Water Resources responded to choose water purification equipment that meets national quality production standards. In addition, in the daily use process, the water purification equipment should be maintained and replaced in time to ensure the safety of water use.

“I don’t know the principle of direct drinking water filter machine. I dare not try to drink direct drinking water for the time being. With filtering, they usually boil to drink.” Mr. Wang, a citizen, said. It is hoped that the country can introduce relevant standardized drinking standards, which is good for the entire society. “If there are relevant technical standards to land and promote it, they are still willing to try.”

At the scene, Zhang Lei, deputy director of the Agricultural, Agriculture and Electric Division of the Water Resources Department of Guangdong Province, said that this problem was a bit superior to the water conservancy department, because the water conservancy department was responsible for the construction and management of water conservancy projects, and drinking water hygiene was managed by other departments. “I will briefly respond from personal experience. From the standard perspective, the current standard of drinking water has only one standard in the country, that is, the standard of drinking water sanitary standards for life, which is a compulsory standard for tap water used by the family. The situation we understand has not yet introduced the health standards of direct drinking water from the national and provincial level. “Zhang Lei said. There are many types of water purification equipment on the market. No matter which kind of treatment equipment, first of all, two conditions must be met. The first one must meet the national quality production standards. Second, in the daily use process And replace the filter element to ensure the safety of water.

Text/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter: Liu Chunlin Correspondent: Hu Zhihui Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Editor: Peng Wenqiang