Once upon a time, when it was mentioned that food consumer brands, everyone remembered the first brands such as unity, Master Kang, Nongfu Spring, Wahaha, Panpan Food, etc. Nowadays, the first thing everyone thinks is like the vitality forest, ramen saying that , Wang Guanjian, Zhong Xuegao, Zi Hi pot, adopting a cow, three meals and half coffee, WonderLab, Miao Kelan, zero week and other emerging brands. Brands and marketers learn from.

Today we will share with you. We have analyzed the popularity of the two major brands of the chicken breast and the popularity of shark Fitt. We mainly look at the differentiated players of their popularity from the five major aspects of records, brands, products, channels and marketing.

1. Record


Excellent Ishape



Cumulative sales exceeded 100 million packages

Excellent Ishape is a healthy chicken breast brand under Fengxiang Co., Ltd., which was born in 2015. From the perspective of Fengxiang’s financial report, in 2020, the sales revenue of excellent brand sales was 231 million yuan, an increase of 280%year -on -year. Driven by the superior brand, Fengxiang’s new retail business sales revenue was 793 million yuan, an increase of 214.2%year -on -year, and the revenue proportion increased rapidly from 6.4%in 2019 to 20.3%. As of the end of March 2021, its “superior” brand’s cumulative sales of chicken breast products exceeded 100 million packages.

Shark Fit Sharkfit: 3 years of sales increased by more than 200 times

Shark Fitfit was born in 2017. It is a food brand created by Shandong Shark Fit Health Technology Co., Ltd. It completed 4 rounds of financing within half a year in 2020. In just 3 years, sales have increased by more than 200 times, and sales in 2020 in 2020 More than 200 million yuan.

Second, brand chapter

Excellent Ishape: Excellent grasping the trend of “light food” consumption, advocating “happy idealism”, and advocating “light food life” that is easy to live and easily reduce fat.

Target consumer group:

18-40 years old, from fitness persons to 18-40 years old, red-reduced fat-reducing food in the white-collar circle


Brand Positioning:

High -end health food

Brand characteristics:

Superiority, strength, casual nature

Brand label:

High value, low calorie, low fat and low card


Eat superficial and more stylish

Shark Fits Sharkfit: Shark Fit has seized the trend of “lazy economic and healthy consumption” and advocates a light card diet to open a healthy life.

After the 95th generation, young people

The health and convenient fast food brand of the whole scene and the whole category

Companion, enthusiasm, humility

Low -burden diet, that is, low oil, low sugar, low -fat low card

Less burden, more choices

Third, product articles

Excellent Ishape: The main beating of chicken breasts

The premium product demand is “low fat, high protein, open bags for food”, covering multiple scenarios such as fitness, weight loss, meals, meals, leisure, and child nutritional supplies. Pursuing convenient urban white -collar workers, or sensitive fitness enthusiasts who intake fat, can find products that suits them in super -profile products.

The main product is the chicken breast. The product series includes steamed chicken breast slices, smoky chicken breasts, electric grilled chicken breasts, salad chicken breasts, protein sticks, etc. The product packaging is an independent small packaging, Q cute packaging design, the face value is still the value online. In the ending of the trust endorsement, the senior Japanese food master-Ikeda Tomoda is the director of the Tokyo R & D Center in Japan. In addition, the superiority is for three consecutive years for the national team athletes to prepare for the guarantee product.

Shark Fits Sharkfit: Full Scene Full Category

The R & D product research and development of Shark Fit mainly focuses on light card foods that are “convenient, healthy, delicious, rich, cost-effective, the public just need, and close to the ingredients itself”. New, more than 100 SKUs.


Shark Fit product demand is room temperature, 食, health, the product series covers the staple food scenes of morning, middle, and three meals, dinner scenarios, and leisure snack scenes. Noodle categories, brown rice categories, corn grain categories, and category of beef category such as beef category. In addition to chicken breasts, there are more than a dozen items with more than 10,000 monthly sales. The repurchase rate of old customers of Tmall stores exceeds that 35%. Shark Fit’s product packaging is designed with an independent small packaging. 100g of chicken breasts are a small packaging. Eat a bag for a meal.

Fourth, channel articles

Excellent Ishape: Completion of online and offline channels

Offline channels:

Over 25,000 offline retail stores across the country, such as 7-11, convenience bee, Rosen, family, Hema Xiansheng, etc.

Online channel:

Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall flagship store, etc.


Shark Fits Sharkfit: Online -based, strong operating genes, one product and one supply, explosion -driven

鲨鱼菲特从单一渠道做到多渠道,从直营到分销,从线上到线下,三大核心渠道是天猫、京东和拼多多,线上渠道还有抖音、快手,B站, Little Hongshu and other platforms, offline channels cover super -superior and convenient stores.

Because the owner and team of Shark Fit have rich experience in fast -selling e -commerce trading experience, Shark Fit operating is also a strong operational thinking. Tmall is undoubtedly sales, sales plus evaluation plus buying home show; in JD.com may be logistics and express speeds; in Pinduoduo, it may be the low price of 10 billion subsidies.

Another example is to search for explosive models with search, play live online celebrities, and online online special funds. Each model is set up in the specification price: the same category of explosive products, in the three mainstream mainstream products, in the three mainstream mainstream The price of the platform is different; correspondingly different channels, according to the corresponding channel rules, set the products that meet the channels.


For example, it is also chicken breasts. Through different specifications, you may push 30 sets of 30 sets, Tmall push 70 sets, and JD.com push 90 sets to ensure that these products are in line with the platform’s consumption habits. Explosion; Shark Fit’s customers in Tmall almost do not overlap with JD.com and Pinduoduo customers.

5. Marketing


Excellent Ishape: fan economy, quickly out of the circle

Marketing strategy:

Focusing on product+spokesperson matrix dual -line operations, fans’ emotional operation marketing, multidimensional reach+social interaction+refined operation of the fan group, maximize the power of fans.

Through the in -depth binding of the spokesperson, the strong and effective spokesperson marketing and high -stick fans interaction, successfully created the “exposure -conversion -purchase” marketing closed loop, thereby achieving brand awareness+influence+sales triple improvement Essence Outstanding cases are not only a new sample of the spokesperson marketing quickly, but also provides more possibilities for the brand owners to leverage the potential of the new generation of consumer market potential.

1) spokesperson matrix marketing

2) three -dimensional protection

3) Central situation store

4) Features support marketing



Other marketing

Shark Fits Sharkfit: Strong operation marketing


With users -centered, the full category coverage of the whole scene, strong operational thinking

Let the brand bring up the flow+differentiation: the new category and strong operational thinking+replication of explosive products, improve the efficiency of traffic use

Through big data deeply excavating consumer needs, developing products with user thinking, creating differentiated and innovative categories; strong operational thinking reduces brand risks and costs, one product and one supply, explosion -driven.


1) Flow marketing: public domain, commercial domain, private domain


2) Spokesperson marketing


3) Grass marketing

Excellent and shark Fit, although they are all on the lightway health track, they have different ideas for creating explosive products. One relying on fans marketing and one rely on strong operational thinking.

Target consumer group:

Brand Positioning:

Brand characteristics:

Brand label:


Marketing strategy: