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Today I decided to open a “blind sticker”


Talk about the most basic entry knowledge for swimming: swimming equipment!

In the process of learning swimming,

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You are not necessarily a coach, but swimming equipment is definitely essential.

From the most basic swimming hats, swimming goggles, swimsuits to the floating plates, splints, tensilers, footsteps, traction, etc.

How to choose, how to use, and how to maintain it for many enthusiasts.

Then I will come

Get out

The goods in the stomach, as much as possible to popularize the knowledge of swimming equipment as much as possible.

Because it is detailed, we need to talk about your swimming cap today ~


Choice of style

① Classification according to the material


The cloth swimming hat is the entry -level swimmer preferred by many beginners.

Its advantage is that the price is cheap, comfortable and breathable, easy to wear and easy.

There are also many disadvantages. It is not waterproof and easy to drop. Especially women with long hair, swimming hats will “move the big magic”

And the service life is relatively short, it will be more loose, and soon lose elasticity.

Another point is. Essence Essence My personal aesthetic feels not good -looking, hahaha

Synthetic material

This has begun to appear in recent years.


Main brand -based brands are doing it (if you see the personnel of Decathlon, remember to give some advertising fees)

Combined with Lycra and silicone materials, a layer of silicone coating is added on the basis of cloth quality.

At the same time, the advantages of cloth swimming caps have been improved, and the shortcomings of non -waterproof, easy to fall, and soon lose their elasticity, but it is only improved.

This material swimming hat is suitable for beginners as the basic version.

Silica gel

Silicone swimming cap is a must -have for swimming enthusiasts.

The advantage is waterproof, shaping the head streamlined to reduce resistance, it is not easy to fall off, it looks very professional (after all, the athletes wear a silicone swimming hat) and so on.

If the disadvantage is, it is a word: tight!

At first wearing a silicone swimming hat, I feel uncomfortable, which requires an adaptation process.

Relatively speaking, the service life of the silicone swimming cap is longer, and there will be a problem of looseness.

② Classification according to use


Let’s not talk about cloth quality and synthetic materials, because these two types of uselessness.


Silicone swimming hat is also divided into two styles: training models and competition funds

Training model

That is the most common silicone swimming cap we can see

The entire swimming hat is similar to semi -circular, and the bottom edge is relatively parallel.

Usually used in swimming training.


We are called “steel helmet models”

Generally used in the competition.

Its shape and training model are somewhat different. The bottom edge is irregularly shaped. It looks like a ball shape and looks like a steel helmet.


The difference between it and the training model is: the streamlined type is better, but! Very tight!


After putting it on, I felt that my head was punished, haha

Therefore, it is not recommended to wear competitions for a long time when swimming, which will have a strong discomfort.

When the game, you can wear it to reduce resistance and improve your performance.

③ brand choice


(There are no manufacturers to advertise me !!!)


International front line: Speedo, Arena (two giants!)

Except expensive, there are no shortcomings!

International Second Line: MP, SWANS

Xiaogui, acceptable

That kind

, Good style.

Domestic front line: Yingfa, Piao (Domestic Big Brother)

Basically, it is the first choice for amateur enthusiasts, with moderate prices and quality.

Domestic second -line: Taksheng, Haosha, Zhouke, etc. (domestic internationalization)

The qualifications are not as good as the eldest brother, but the designers are combined with Chinese and foreign.


Method of wearing

Someone must have said, “Coach, don’t I know how to wear a swimming hat?! No need to teach it ~”

To tell the truth, I really have seen a lot of people who can’t wear swimming caps.

Error demonstration: (I really don’t want to shoot, there is a burden)

Nurses same paragraph:

Chef same paragraph:

Do not laugh! Touch your conscience! Have you seen the above two in the pool!

Some people think where the pattern of the swimming hat is, I put it on the head, let you see my cool small style. Essence Essence

In fact, the pattern on the swimming hat does not stipulate that it must be in front or on the side.

Therefore, the direction of wearing a swimming hat is based on the drainage line.

The drain line is the right direction in the middle.

In the process of wearing a swimming hat, pay attention to try not to let your nails touch the swimmer, and wear the meat with your fingers.

As for whether the swimming hat should cover the ears, I feel casual. Some people are not used to it, and they feel that the ears will hurt. Then you don’t cover it.

Covering the ears is to reduce resistance and achieve better streamlined types.




After the swimming hat is used, try to wipe it as well as as well as in the storage bag.

If you do n’t want to go to swimming in recent days, after returning home, take it out to dry it and do it completely before storing.

If you do n’t plan to swim for a long time, you can put some talc powder or tadpole powder after drying to avoid silicone sticky and mold points.



When should it be replaced

Don’t like it anymore, change it!


I like it more, change it!

The nails are buckled, change!

It’s not handsome, change!

Local tyrants, change it at will!

The part of the swimming hat is probably so much. I hope to help everyone choose the swimming hat that is more suitable for you. After that, we will update other swimming equipment one after another, and continue to pay attention to us ~

See you next time ~


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