About “Pin Guan Find the annual reward of goods”

From the past “finding the goods without a door”, to the one -click “Summon buyer” today, the “Finding Finding” platform can reconstruct the cosmetics industry to find the goods in the cosmetics industry through a more efficient docking method. Cosmetics procurement docking platform “.

In just half a year after the launch, Pinduan’s finding platform has successfully attracted more than 380 global popular makeup brands to settle in the official status. More than 6,000 cosmetics shops and agent users submitted the demand for goods on the platform and obtained one -on -one services.

As a result, Pin Guan also accumulated a large number of user data in the background of the goods -which brands have been found the most, and the most sought after by the current users is clear at a glance. Based on this, Pin Guan Finding the 2017 popular brand rankings for sub -categories such as skin care, makeup, mask, and individual care, in order to provide procurement decision -making reference for cosmetics channel dealers.

Issue 2: Annual makeup brand awards

The first issue of the “Skin Care Brand Awards” was released, and the industry’s attention was immediately attracted. A large wave of users “summoned buyers” and submitted a new demand for goods. Pin Guan’s search for the background buyer team was simply crazy.


In the second issue, we presented you “Finding the 2017 Makeup Brand Awards 2017” — As of December 31, 2017, the 10th major number of users “named” on Pinduan is The makeup brands are: Mistine Miss Ting, 16 Brand, Holika Confucius, Kaka, Pony Memebox, Luna Luna, CLIO Kero, Merido, Zan, and ColorsEed.


It can be seen from the list:

1. The brand with real stories does not worry about selling everywhere. For example, the first Mistine Misine Ting Thai Makeup in Thailand; 2. Korean makeup firmly occupies half of the rivers and mountains. A total of 5 brands are among the list and ranked among The makeup is also extraordinary, and the four seats in TOP10 are won, and it is particularly noteworthy that two of them are “opening makeup”, one focuses on lipstick, indicating that the needs of the terminal for makeup brands are gradually diversified and diverse Essence

Not much to say, get to know them in turn–

TOP1: Mistine


Retail price: ¥ 19-89

Mistine Misitting, the first makeup brand in Thailand.


“Where there is a Thai people, there is Mistine Miss Ting cosmetics.” This statement is not exaggerated.

In Thailand, whether it is on the street, high -speed road signs, or in major TV stations, you can see the figure of Mistine Miss Ting. Throughout Thailand, Mistine Miss Ting terminal sales have more than 1 million.

In addition to good quality and brand image, Mistine Miss Ting also has a competitive advantage in price. Even the celebrity foundation internationally awards, or the mascara and eyeliner with excellent market reputation, are extremely affordable in terms of price, so it has become a popular purchasing brand for Chinese people to go to Thailand.

TOP2: 16 Brand

Retail price: ¥ 49-159

16BRAND, a Korean super -popular girl makeup brand, was founded by Chosungah, a star royal makeup artist in the Korean entertainment industry.


The high -value packaging design, the color of the girl full of girls, the products of the product are easy to get started, the sense of use is superb, and the multi -function is unified. With the characteristics of multiple personality, 16brand quickly became famous.


Under the leadership of the founder Cao Chengya, 16brand is an original@ten -minute finger makeup method, helping users to easily get Korean hip -hop women’s group makeup.

In South Korea, 16brand has a single brand store and settled in Watsons. Starting from the base camp, 16brand has now entered the United States, Australia, Singapore, China and many other countries and regions, with more than 1,000 offline physical stores.

TOP3: Holika confused Like

Retail price: ¥ 10-238

Holika Confucius is a new trendy makeup brand wholly created by the Yinpi Lan Co., Ltd. in March 2010. With aloe vera gel and pork nose stickers, Holika quickly accumulated extensive use in South Korea in South Korea Criminal and good reputation.

As of now, its products have been settled in 200 stores in South Korea and are exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Russia.

TOP4: : :

Retail price: ¥ 48-368

Binca Vidou Card, the fast fashion beauty chain brand of Ophefiz International Makeup Group, the product covers multiple categories such as makeup, skin care, laundering and makeup tools.

Bian Ka advocates personalization, art model, fast fashion, and experience. This is the key to its eye -catching. Essence

It is worth mentioning that Bianka is the first local brand to settle in Sephora and enter the two major retail benchmark systems in Watsons and Yanli in the same year.

TOP5: pony memebox


Retail price: ¥ 99-219

Pony Memebox, born in Seoul, South Korea in 2015, is the makeup brand launched by Memebox, the largest makeup e -commerce platform in South Korea and the beauty god Pony Park Huimin. It is also the most successful makeup artist cooperation brand in the Korean makeup industry in recent years.


As the most popular makeup blogger in South Korea, PONY has a strong appeal on global social platforms such as YouTube, and all the products launched by cooperation will be immediately robbed.

With the advantages of high cost performance, high value, and PONY professional video tutorial promotion, Pony Memebox has won the love and recognition of consumers in South Korea and China.

TOP6: Luna Luna

Retail price: ¥ 100-300

Luna Luna, the main makeup brand of the Ai Jing Industrial Co., Ltd., has a close price of the people. It has always ranked among the top three in Korean.

In addition to ordinary beauty women, it is a model makeup brand for models in South Korea. As we all know, the makeup time of the show has always been compact, and Luna Luna’s makeup is characterized by easy to put on makeup, full of color and many product functions. It can create exquisite and perfect makeup in minutes.


Relying on the strong independent research and development strength, the Luna Luna brand has launched the “explosive” boutique every year. From 2013 to 2016, the performance growth rate reached 190%.

TOP7: CLIO Kelaio


Retail price: ¥ 89-278

CLIO Kelaio, a professional make -up brand founded by the Korean top makeup artist team, creates a unique personal charm with the most trendy professional makeup products. Essence

After years of development, CLIO Cleou has developed into a first -class professional make -up company in South Korea. The CLIO Cleou brand has developed into South Korea’s most popular makeup leadership brand.

As of now, Kleou has opened nearly 10 makeup gatherings in Mainland China. At the same time, Kleo has settled in the Sephora and Watsons system in China, and will continue to accelerate the layout of the Chinese market.

TOP8: Mika

Retail price: ¥ 39-99

MOOKOO Mikong, a light makeup tide for the new generation of the post-95th generation, has an exclusive IP image MO-Girl.

Promote the concept of makeup consumption of “light age, light skin, and light price”, and is committed to creating the opening of the Nakajima District in the true sense, creating a more three -dimensional and rich makeup atmosphere, so that the target consumer groups are more diverse, the purchase is more comfortable It is easier to use.

Its parent company Guangdong Qiao Meiren Cosmetics Industry Co., Ltd. is a large modern enterprise integrating cosmetics research and development, production, sales, and serving. Italy, Dubai, Russia, South America, Japan, and Hong Kong, Hong Kong in more than 20 countries and regions in the world.

TOP9: Zan Du

Retail price: ¥ 19-99

ZandoDo Zanzhan is a new independent makeup brand since 2015.


ZandoDo Zan to Deeply insight into the needs of women’s groups after the 95th and 00s, with the “Easy Makeup Experience” as the core selling point, and strive to create the preferred makeup brands of Chinese first beauty women, bringing them suitable for social, fashionable and sweet, technological innovation, simple, simple, simple, simple Easy to use, deep experience, heart companionship, reliable quality, high cost -effective Chumei makeup experience.

The core members of their team come from the research team of the international front -line makeup brand to connect the scientific research formula and production management system of major makeup brands such as Merboline, Luououon, and Procter & Gamble. Good products with low cost.

TOP10: colorseed

Retail price: ¥ 99-500


As the first lipstick brand in China, the first post -90s group, Colorseed’s passionate seeds start from the post -90s aesthetic perspective.

Rose gold’s metal tube, 14 colors correspond to different letters, can combine different mood sentences together, and also cooperate with the famous illustrator DAISY and borrow the image of the “Cat Girl” image series, with a total of 41 products.

Behind the fashionable appearance, a solid R & D team supports it. Colorseed chooses to cooperate with the two major makeup and Chu Chuchi Teri Group with Suzhou Ante to ensure that its product quality is not lost in the big name.