Winter in the north:

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VS South Winter:

Feel cooling


As a Northeast who currently lives in Hangzhou, the most inseparable in the winter is

“Various” heating equipment


The so -called: without conditions, the conditions must be created! Who doesn’t want to hold a cup of hot tea in winter, warmly dazed at home and cats at home?


In order to enhance everyone’s winter happiness, we tested for everyone

4 different types of heater


, Let everyone buy it with peace of mind and use it comfortably-

1. Temperature and humidity & power consumption test

In a sealing room of 15 square meters, we open each heater for 1 hour in the maximum gear and test the room in the room.

Temperature and humidity change

,as well as

Power consumption within 1 hour



Which one


Warm and power -saving

Woolen cloth? The test results are as follows:

01 Yau Ting


Also known as “

Electric heaters


“As the name suggests, the principle of the radiator used in the northern family is the same, but only one heating is oil and the other is water. After the oil is heated, the temperature of the metal sheet rises, and the air around the indoor is heated. the goal of.

Although the price is high, the measurement consumption of only 1.2 degrees for 1 hour is measured.

The temperature and humidity of the environment are moderate, and it is more suitable for use in the bedroom when sleeping.


When you buy oil, you will give the top shelf. In the winter, it can not only be used to bake clothes, but also increase the humidity of indoor air.

02 kick line


The heating principle is similar to “

hot air balloon

“The built -in heating pipe is connected in series with the metal heat -conducting sheet. After heating, the heat flows out of the upper part, forming air convection, and gradually heating indoor air.

The price of the skirting line is moderate, the heating is fast, and the waterproof type can be used in the bathroom; but the power consumption is large, the indoor humidity decreases fast, and it is suitable for large space such as living room. In addition, when the skirting line is working, the temperature near the outlet and the side metal wall is very high.


Be careful not to touch and move with your hands.


03 Little Sun

the little sun

The heat source is a quartz heat pipe or electric heating wire. It generates heat and infrared rays during heat, and then uses a reflector to emit heat and infrared rays to prevent the eyes from looking directly at infrared rays to cause damage.

The advantage of the little sun is that the temperature is so fast that it can make you feel the sun in the sun for a few seconds.

But it is not obvious to the increase in indoor environmental temperature, which is a good choice for friends with local heating.


But at the same time, it should be noted that the heating time should not be too long, and you should not look directly at the reflexes for a long time, especially the children, and you need to remind parents!

04 Heating fan


hair dryer

, Make the fan blowing up in the built -in heat body to achieve the effect of heating, so the temperature of the wind is relatively high.

On the whole, the heater has little effect on changes in the temperature and humidity of the environment, and it is more suitable for local heating;

At the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious. The noise generated by the fan when working, and friends who mind carefully choose.

The heating fan also has a cold air function. It can also be used as a fan in summer, and the utilization rate is relatively high. Small warm air can be placed on the desktop in winter, while studying and working.


Finally, we summarized for everyone

“The heater purchase of the control table”

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I hope everyone can spend a warm winter! What else do you want to see OR popular science content?

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The heating principle is similar to “