Shiseido UNO facial cleanser

Rich mineral trace elements and washing ingredients, deeply penetrate the skin, and remove dirt and aging keratin in the pores. While washing, it has a high moisturizing effect, making it smooth and elastic. The contained vitamin E and deep purification ingredients effectively restore the natural gloss of the skin.


Flower Facilide Facial Milk

Mousse bubbles can also allow you to adjust the skin and oil balance, improve acne muscles, reduce the breeding of blackheads, and effectively whiten the skin. The texture of the facial cleanser is the bubble body, and you can rub the dense foam with a random rubbing. The delicate foam can penetrate the hair follicles and completely clean the stains accumulated in the pores. Every time I use it, I feel that this facial cleanser is like a “pore vacuum cleaner”, which is as refreshing to hollow every pore of the whole body.

I usually do n’t need to remove makeup after using the foundation. I use this facial cleanser to wash my face directly. I do n’t have long -closed acne after a month, and I really feel that the washing is clean through my own feelings. Red and sensitive, and the skin is very moist in pores. The state of the skin is obviously so good. awesome!


Suisai enzyme cleaning flour

Gana Bao Suisai P new to enzyme washing powder is different from the texture of the previous cleansing products. The small particles of the powder are very pleasing. The amino acid bubbles, no irritation, no spice, no coloring. Naobao Suisai medicinal flour was washed, one by one, it did not take up space, and used it at a time.


Ou Yan Xinjing, soft white foam cleansing paste



Fine and rich foam, reduce friction with the skin during cleansing, smooth and refreshing feeling, the flower acid ingredients are washed the skin that is dirty due to the cumulative accumulation of environmental pollution and aging keratin. Main ingredients: flower acid, white Lu Binghua Efficacy: -Cheid the skin -removing aging keratin -removing skin aging