Recently, Zandanu released a new autumn and winter 2015. This series of this year includes Oxford spinning shirts, coats, cotton coats, etc. It is reported that the main markets such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are currently growing strongly.

In recent years, Zandanu has made efforts in brand promotion and has been recognized by markets around the world. In addition to the main brand Giordano, Giordano Women, Giordano Ladies, Beau Monde Peter, BSX, Giordano Junior and other rich brand combinations. Giordano is the main brand of Zandanu Group. It is positioned as fashionable and casual clothing in the mid -range market. It focuses on simplicity and functionality. It is suitable for urban crowds who are comfortable and personal. Hua but not from the style of modern urban style, gradually strengthening brand value through product differentiation, and Giordano Women is also being reshaped brand. Focusing on “modern basic”, the new independent female brand branch is gradually developing. Mainland China and Thailand have 50 branches.


(Reporter Wang Leitu/Chen Juncheng)