There are countless types of wires and cables on the market now, and the strange models cannot be remembered, but it is necessary to understand the commonly used decoration wires commonly used. Today, the editor of the Jinhao Tai wire cable introduces the difference between the decoration cloth wire and BV.

Insulation wire BV

BV is the wire of polyvinyl chloride insulation, and Byj is the wire of the cross -linked polyethylene insulation. The difference between the two is that the insulation materials and performance are different, and the other wiring usage is the same.


BYJ -Copper Conduct Conduct Conditioning Polyethylene insulation fixing wire, temperature -resistant level 90 ° C;

BV — Copper Conditioning Polyethylene Etchidine Insulation Fixed Plastic Cable, temperature -resistant level 70 ° C.

Byj and BV cables are not fire. The model of fire-resistant wires is NH-BYJ or NH-BV.

The characteristics of BYJ and BV wires

1. BYJ wire price is higher than the BV wire;

2. BYJ wire fire resistance performance is higher than the BV wire;

3. BYJ wire toxic is lower than the BV wire.

常用线径:0.75方,1方,1.5方,2.5方,4方,6方,10方,16方,25方,35方,50方,70方,95方,120方,150方,185 Fang, 240 square meters, 300 squares, etc.