Yu Dafu’s “Autumn of the City” depicts the autumn of the northern country with the sang of West Mountain and reflecting the green sky. Everything is “clear, quiet, sad”.

And living in the north, the dryness of late autumn also comes faster. Dry face, dry hands, dry nose, and dry air in autumn and winter are even more unfriendly for patients with rhinitis and pharyngitis.

When I was a kid, I would push a pot of water and put it under the heating to evaporate the moist air. Today, functional small appliances are constantly popularized, accompanied by consumption upgrade,


加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

The device has become the best choice for the office and the family to fight dry.

However, in the face of so many different styles, functions, and price humidifiers on the market, how to choose a product that suits you?

How to buy a humidifier?

Regardless of the offline home appliance store, or online mall, the humidifier products and brands on the market are full. The price ranges from less than 100 yuan to thousands of yuan. In addition to humidifying air, there are many keywords such as large capacity, aromatherapy, intelligent operation, and mute in the promotion of the product. So, what factors should I consider to choose humidifier products?

In summary, consumers should screech the user’s use scenarios and crowd sensitivity.

Generally need to consider:

1. The scope of humidification and scenes: the bedroom, the study, or the writing table, the vertical or desktop is placed, whether there is a need for travel and carrying.

2. Convenience: Different principles The humidifier requirements are different for adding water quality, water adding water, and cleaning frequency.

3. Moisturizing amount: According to the degree of drying, measure the moisture delivered to the air per hour.

4. Noise: Considering whether the degree of noise of product operation will affect rest.

加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

Humidifier principle

Generally speaking, the humidity of the human body is relatively sensitive to the indoor environment, but it is in a dry environment for a long time. The human body will lack water and bring health dangers such as respiratory tract and skin. It is understood that the humidity of the suitable human body is generally maintained at about 55%. And when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, or the autumn and winter comes, especially after the northern heating in the winter, the humidity of the indoor air will be greatly reduced.

The humidifier has different classifications according to the principle.

It is generally divided into four categories: ultrasonic humidifier, evaporate humidifier, electric heating humidifier, and composite humidifier. What is more common on the market is

Ultrasonic humidifier


Evaporate humidifier

加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

Two products.

Water mist

Ultrasonic humidifier

Under high -frequency vibration output, it may carry less dust in the air in the air, which is not conducive to health by the human body. If you add tap water, then the calcium magnesium ions in the water will produce white dust, which is attached to the humidifier and is inconvenient to clean it.

So, use

At this time, if you have conditions, you must add pure water to avoid injection of tap water with unique filtration and more impurities.

The evaporation of water is accelerated through the fan, so as to moisturize the air. The water vapor discharged under this principle will not carry impurities and no obvious water mist. Therefore, there is no requirement for the water quality of adding the machine, and you can directly inject tap water.

加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

Sensitive people, elderly children or pharyngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis patients are more recommended to use

Essence Of course, the ultrasonic humidifier can also be used, but water control is needed.

in addition,

The price is relatively close to the people, and the water mist is visible;

There is no requirement for water quality, but the impurities remaining in tap water are easy to accumulate, which requires more frequent cleaning, and the price is higher.

From this point of view, both ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers have advantages and disadvantages.

Product evaluation

We have selected four different positioning, different styles, and the popular humidifier brands and representative products to compare parameters and functions.

1. Dyson AM10 humidifier

The brand positioning mid -to -high -end population is close to 4,000 yuan. The products are available in silver, iron blue and purple. Large volume, landing, suitable for placing in the living room or bedroom.

The product still uses the ultrasonic humidification method. The amount of humidification is good, and the amount of water is 300ml per hour. At the same time, the product supports a variety of wind speed gears. In the 5th gear, 49DB is humidified, and the noise is 62DB in the 10 -speed fan mode.

Dyson humidifier is favored by many young people in terms of intelligent operation, sense of technology and product design. However, because the fuselage has a motor, it is not convenient to carry it.

Second, Zhimi pure humidifier 2

Previously, Zhimi launched a pure humidifier priced at 499 yuan. This one has been upgraded based on the previous basis, increasing the smart screen display, which can monitor the air humidity in the room in real time.

The product uses a healthier evaporation type, so there is no strict requirements for water quality. You can add tap water and have no visible water mist. It also avoids the risk of local wet flooring or desktop.

The product is connected to the Mijia system, and more functions can be operated by downloading the APP. In addition, Zhimi humidifier uses bacteriostatic materials, which can ensure the cleanliness of indoor air.

Generally speaking, the main advantage of the product is the healthier principle of humidification, at the same time, the noise is not high and the price is moderate, and the cost is relatively high.

Third, MUJI Xiangci aromatherapy machine

加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

As the demand of humidification products increases and show a diversified trend, the humidifier is also increasing in terms of personalized functions and design. Although MUJI also launched a specialized humidifier product, this aromatherapy machine takes into account the humidification and atmosphere light function, which is loved by more people.

Because the product is not a professional humidifier, no official humidification and noise data are found. However, in consumer feedback and store trials, it was found that the product had a sound of slight water droplets rolling in the process of operation. Of course, the main reason is the ultrasonic shock method it adopted.

加湿器评测 | 从不足百元到数千元,40倍价差中有多少智商税?

In addition to the small and cute shape of this machine and the functions of aromatherapy, because of its soft LED light, it has won other brands in the bedroom atmosphere. Therefore, many people choose to put it on the bedside as a night lamp and humidify before bedtime.

In the Chinese market, this product also has a mini model to choose from, which is convenient for business trips. The shortcomings of this product are also obvious: the water tank capacity is small, the water mist is small, and it can only meet the local humidification function.

Fourth, the bear humidifier JSQ-C45U1 knob model

For young people with a low budget, you can also choose to satisfy the basic less than 100 yuan

Products of demand. There are many brands of 100 yuan gear products, and basic home appliance brands are involved.

Taking a humidifier of the bear as an example, this product is simple and small, suitable for placing in front of the bedroom or desk. On the basis of the previous products, the new product of the bear has upgraded the top water design, which is more convenient, and also avoids the embarrassing situation that is easy to leak during the installation of the past water tank.

Although the appearance volume is small, the water tank capacity reaches 4.5L. Official data shows that the product can be continuously humidified for 16 hours, and the amount of humidification can reach a higher level of 280ml/h. In addition, the switch and adjustment of the fog volume are controlled by the rotation button, and the operation is relatively simple. However, there is no more additional features. Generally speaking, the cost is relatively high.

The star products of the four brands represent the price and corresponding functions of the mainstream humidifier on the market. Which one do you choose for your home?


Ultrasonic humidifier

Evaporate humidifier

Evaporate humidifier

Evaporate humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier