These days, the two children’s policies have exploded the circle of friends, and the streets and alleys are also discussing this great event. Various paragraphs are flying in the sky. It is said that after 1990 may become the only generation of children in Chinese history. One generation has to start thinking about having two children. Perhaps the design of the children must be redefined. You want to ask for a little bit. In the face of many things in the family, you must prepare two copies. Do you really hold the two bear children?

1. Children’s room design

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

It means that two bear children will mean either to buy a big house or compress the space of existing houses. If the two children live in a room, how do you prepare to design? Designer Radhika Dilip Kale helped you think about this problem. This is a completed project. Two children are 5 years old and 9 years old. They seem to be satisfied with this design. These two beds save space to the greatest extent. There are desks, wardrobes, and not interfered with each other. They are two independent small spaces. Children also like it.

2. Wood shake chair

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

It is a big project to let the two children be quiet. It is necessary to say that this chair may really do it. Designer GennaDi Fedorov hopes to make children feel that sitting is not bored. The rocking chair is not only a chair, but also like a toy. The two children play together.

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

3. Kaboom stool

This stool looks very interesting. Looking at it, it is a round wooden board with four curved stool legs, plus a cute sleeve. The designer Marlon Motta designed this children’s stool’s inspiration. The source of this children’s stool is lightning, which is very creative. The stool can be easily disassembled and the assembly is simple. Children can do it by themselves.

4. Hideaway stool

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

This stool is too suitable for children, and it looks very comfortable. The semi -enclosed chair composed of plywood can make the children sit very comfortably. Children can sit in isolated from the outside world, ensuring the quietness of their world, and the busy environment around them, this is a paradise.

5. Children’s mini room

This mini -room can be placed in any corner. Designer Holly Gomez designed it to assemble portable portable, which can be easily taken out. No matter where, it looks like a good toy. The roof of the mini room is a small blackboard that allows children to paint.

6. Waggleaf Children’s activity toys

This children’s activity toy can be convenient for children who are learning to practice to practice balance. Not only that, they can also exercise muscle growth well. Designer Dorja Benussi designed this activity toy according to the child’s physical function, so that the child is playing indoors while playing indoors. Exercise.

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

7. Two brothers’ living room

如果你真的打算要两个熊孩子,这 7 款设计你可以看看

With the theme of the spacecraft, the designer Sergio Mojica designed the living facility of the children’s room for the family of the two children. This space can be effectively used, including beds, wardrobes, bookcases, desks, and two beds connected to connect , Children play more space.

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