[Master car: car shopping guide]

Polo and golf are small cars under the Volkswagen, and both cars have been very popular since they were listed in China. This makes some consumers suffer. Which of POLO and golf is worth buying? Today, the master will tell you.


First of all, we know that the doll design of the Volkswagen family is very common. The difference between the two cars of POLO and golf is not very large. Even the two cars are placed together. Most people can’t distinguish it! However, there is a gap between the two cars in size. The length and height of the golf are 4259/1799/1476mm and the wheelbase is 2637mm. Polo’s length, width, height is 3970/1682/1462mm, and the wheelbase is 2470mm. However, the POLO of the 2019 model has been lengthened, with 4053mm and a wheelbase of 2564mm. The size gap with golf has narrowed.


In terms of power, both POLO and Golf use the EA211 series engines. Both have 1.5L and 1.4T power options, while golf has an additional 1.2T version, and even the top model GTI uses the EA888 series. The 2.0T engine has stronger power configuration and richer choice. In terms of gearboxes, the two cars are basically the same. Both match the 5 -speed manual, 6 -speed hand -in -one, and 7 -speed dual -clutch transmission.

And POLO and Golf which one better is undoubtedly better than golf. POLO is purely a small -sided car, while golf can meet the requirements of home, control and performance. The two kilometers of the two cars accelerated, and the POLO (GTI model) accelerated for 8.3 seconds per 100 kilometers, while the 100 kilometers of Golf (GTI models) accelerated to 6.9 seconds. Ordinary models are also better at golf. The price of the two is different, and the adjustment is naturally different.

Summary of the master:


Overall, the driving experience is better. But the price -performance ratio is undoubtedly more advantage. POLO is priced at 779-143,900 yuan, and the price of golf is 11.92-234,200 yuan. Everyone should know how to choose.