In the fashion feast of Anna SUI’s vacation series, it shows the fashionable sense of cool girls.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

Among the wearing and skirts of these sets, there are a lot of cute atmosphere; putting some plaids, florals and other patterns on the clothing, or using some lace and other fabrics, then let these allow these The style and style of clothing are more tide.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

When the pattern pattern is used on these clothing, it does not appear based on a simple single pattern. Among them, some other patterns appear in the field of vision. It brings more eye -catching effects, and also makes the style more comprehensive. In the classic retro of the checkered pattern, there are more trendy fashion senses;

In the clothing, the use of these patterns in large areas will enhance the contrast between different patterns, fabrics, and color, so as to make the clothing more eye -catching and more eye -catching, and the visual feelings are richer.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

With some green patterns with green tone colors, on these clothing, the color of the green system will be on the clothing, adding some vitality and vitality from the color, and it is also brighter visually;

The combination of green colors and white colors form a freshest atmosphere. This atmosphere and the dark background below form a sense of impact. In this impact, the appearance of the pattern is even more Obviously, it is also more energetic.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

When the pattern of the floral pattern appears, in this different background atmosphere such as the light purple or green, the pattern of the floral pattern is constituted between the different colors and other colors on it. The color of purple and green has become the protagonist, occupying the key positions in the vision, making the colors such as black and white become embellishment, and it also adds more fresh and elegant texture to clothing.

Above the plaid pattern of the red color color, with the bright red color and the classic checkered pattern, let these clothing in the classic elegance of retro, and more colorful and enthusiastic vitality;

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

However, in the matching, the combination of this beret, sweater, etc., increased the contrast, and added a bit of cuteness.

The appearance of the floral patterns on these clothing will not be too complicated in color. Among the two or even three different colors, more color contrasts are brought about. Bring more vitality and romantic temperament on the pattern;

Black is the pattern with a bottom and white bottom, and the style of the skirt is also integrated with the thin and thin tulle fabric brings some faint and hazy, as well as some retro -style square collar types and some some of the retro style and some of them. The emergence of lotus leaves makes the design of this skirt more rich.

Dark clothing is worn, and on the dresses, there will be light and light fabrics to increase lightness and elegance, but also some wave -shaped lace appear to make the hem more romantic;

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

In the pure black skirt, the different fabrics of the same color enhance the comparison of texture. In this pure black, the lace pattern created by the hollow effect makes it more sexy;

In the dark clothing, the emergence of these patterns has made it get rid of the monotonous sense to a greater extent, and it also increases a lot of vitality and stable mature charm.

The blue color, especially the classic blue color, is still so bright and trend. This blue color has its own unique tone. In its own bright, this eye -catching effect is achieved;

In this blue color, some fine pattern patterns also appear, adding a few more patterns to these clothing. On the blue color clothing, there are also more fabrics and clothing on clothing and clothing. The sense of elegance adds a bit of lightness to the skirt, reducing the thickness of the color.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

On this clothing, the patterns of different colors such as pink, yellow, etc., with their dense tones on this clothing, add some vitality and more vitality and bright color;

Together with the pattern of the floral pattern with some plaid patterns, pattern patterns, etc., it will make a comprehensive display between different styles of patterns. Among them, it is also in the match. Black colors, these black colors, add a bit of impact on the match.

In the ANNA SUI 2022 -related vacation series, these clothing in dark or light colors, letting plaids and florals appear. Among them These dresses add a bit about the fashionable sense of the cool girl, and in the addition of the beret, the lotus leaf edge, bring a trace of retro taste, and it is also more cute.

Anna Sui 2022度假系列,酷感与时髦,可爱的女孩儿气息

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