Many people don’t realize that the data we have now are much more than before. Even if the mobile phone space rises from 16GB to 32GB, and then rises to 128GB, more and more resolution videos and pictures make the reminder of insufficient space seemed to stay away from us. There are also intimate reminders of Yunpan service providers, as well as dazzling storage package pages.

At this time, private cloud storage represented by NAS has gradually become a new choice. In our impression, the PC’s popularity also launched the second personal cloud storage product -A1, and this is also what we want to experience today.

Simple but practical design

Considering that the positioning of Lenovo’s personal cloud storage A1 is a family level, its appearance is not like the kind of NAS that the geeks are keen to, and have a huge and prominent body and multi -set design. In fact, Lenovo’s personal cloud storage A1 supports the maximum 16TB, and the starting is 3TB version. Although there is such a large amount of storage space, A1 is not much larger than ordinary home routers in terms of volume. Its design language comes from ancient Greek Dolk column. The white main color and neat texture. In addition to the necessary indicators and the top Lenovo logo, there are no other decorations. Type home improvement style.


The Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage A1 with a vertical design A1 has fully considered the heat dissipation problem of the equipment. With the support of the Lenovo laptop cooling expert team, A1, which has a chimney -type naturally on the flowing heat dissipation structure, only needs to be equipped with a heat dissipation piece to efficiently heat dissipation. The noise can be much less than those of the NAS equipped with the heat dissipation fan.

However, it should be noted that when used, the top of A1 should be kept open, so that the heat dissipation efficiency should be high.

Complete and solid hardware

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, NAS is a device that is used to put things. The performance requirements should be almost zero, but in fact, a large amount of data transmission is also a test for NAS hardware.


The first is the interface. A1 is equipped with Gigabit network interface and USB 3.0 interface, which laid the foundation for the transmission speed of A1’s internal network and external device. However, if you want to play the strength of the Gigabit network, a good router is also indispensable.


At the same time, Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage A1 is equipped with RTD1296 quad -core 64 -bit processor from Realtek, and 1GB DDR4 memory, which is a very enough configuration for NAS.


Of course, A1 also selected very good components on the hard disk as the core part of NAS. Compared to those NAS that needs to buy hard disks by themselves, Lenovo is equipped with a 3.5 -inch NAS -class Western Digital Red disk for A1 in the design idea of ​​easy -to -use, with a maximum support of 16TB. Roughly calculated, this can put a photo of 2.8 million photos with a capacity of 6MB, or 4,000 high -definition Blu -ray movies with a capacity of 4GB, which is very rich for home users. Of course, if you are confident in your hands -on ability, you can also upgrade to a higher capacity.

Easy to use, no safety is not one

Most of the current NAS is equipped with an operating system based on the Linux kernel development. Compared with the cloud disk service that can get extra space by paying, although these NAS systems are full of playability and are loved by excellent guests, they are virtually loved, but they are virtually virtuous. The complexity of these systems also causes obstacles to some users. At least, they need more direct interfaces.


Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage A1 is done very well in this regard. Take the first use as an example. After connecting the A1 to the Power and router LAN port, we only need to use a mobile phone to scan the instructions or the QR code at the bottom of the A1 to download the data guardian app, register to log in to Lenovo account and open the permission, wait for the app interface to interface After searching for A1, you can start using it immediately. In terms of UI design and operation logic, data guardians are roughly the same as some file managers or cloud disk apps. I believe most people can get started quickly.

In addition, A1 not only performed well in the inner network, but also in fact it can also buy members’ cloud disks compared with the shoulder, which is far exceeding the speed of non -member members. Thanks to Lenovo’s global deployment of more than 10 main nodes, whether in the office or on a business trip, as long as your A1 is in a network state, you can access it remotely.

Next, we uploaded multiple HEIC format pictures and MOV format videos with the mobile network, and the upload speed once reached 2MB/s. After the upload was completed, we immediately turned on the video to play online, and there was no stuck in the whole process. It can be seen that the nodes set by Lenovo are quite powerful.


Therefore, we have reason to believe that the upload speed of 2MB/s is only limited by the 4G LTE mobile network. If it is in a network with a better upload rate, the performance of Lenovo’s personal cloud storage A1 may have an unexpected experience. Essence


Since it comes to clouds and networking, many people may have privacy concerns. After all, data security is also one of the important reasons for some users to refuse cloud disk services. But in this regard, Lenovo thinks more than us. A1 uses SDVN technology to encrypt the data transmission. First of all Privacy at home is more reassuring than data in other people’s homes. Specifically, when you open the data guardian app, the function of the virtual special network is started. For example, in the sea of ​​the Internet, Lenovo has established a security channel for you to access A1.

Good choice for early adopters NAS


Based on the appropriate performance and lightweight design as the foundation, and then carefully polished the system and other details, Lenovo’s personal cloud storage A1 is not only easy to use as the cloud disk, but also has assured privacy protection and transmission performance. Obviously, compared to the professional NAS that requires a certain professional knowledge to configure and play, Lenovo’s positioning of personal cloud storage A1 is very clear. If you want to taste NAS, it is time to stop it in front of it, it is time to stop it. Choose Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage A1.