On April 15, MaxHub online new products and strategic conferences were grandly held. At the press conference, MaxHub released a new brand strategy to realize the strategic upgrade from the “high -efficiency conference platform” to the “smart collaborative platform”, and released 9 new products in the whole scene in collaboration with the MAXHUB collaborative platform for independent development and development of MaxHub collaborative platform application With the four major industries’ smart solutions, the wisdom collaborative platform ecosystem is constituted, and it provides full scene collaborative services for more corporate customers.

With the appearance of a number of conference tablets, MaxHub’s entire scene collaborative terminals are still surprised. During the press conference, MaxHub also released a large -scale conference. The industry’s first integrated LED all -in -one machine -MaxHub LED all -in -one PLUS. This product supports 4K display. Large screen display and audio are two; at the same time, built -in video conference software can easily open a large conference room remote cooperation with local conferences.

In addition to the new tablet products of the meeting, MaxHub also released four new remote collaboration terminals to provide greater help for smart collaborative office.

MaxHub desktop video conference screen

For personal remote office scenes, the MaxHub desktop video conference screen provides a small MINI conference tablet experience although the volume is small. With a 15.6 -inch screen, 1080P HD display, the overall lightweight. It is equipped with a 48 million wide -angle camera and supports the WDR anti -reverse high -definition camera. The viewing angle is as high as 90 °. It can automatically adjust the picture quality according to the different light conditions of the conference room to bring a high -quality video screen experience.


The most important thing is that the MaxHub desktop video conference screen uses a high -precision capacitor touch screen. At 20 o’clock, users may write and paint directly on the screen, and make real -time comments on shared files, as natural as writing on paper.

MaxHub three -camera 4K 180 ° panoramic camera

For small conference room space, MaxHub three -camera 4K 180 ° panoramic camera part of the camera part uses the fourth -generation suture technology to splicing three 4K ultra -wide -angle cameras to provide a complete 180 ° panoramic view, even in the small conference room near the wall , MaxHUB 4K 180 ° panoramic camera can also stand on the wall to provide clearly with the team members.

MaxHub video conference all -in -one machine


The MaxHub video conference all -in -one is for the space for medium -sized conferences. Its camera, microphone, speaker, and conference system can be connected directly to the TV or projector.


In terms of cameras, the MaxHub video conference all -in -one is equipped with a 12 -megapixel camera, supports 4K resolution, supports 120 ° wide -view angle, can be used in small and medium -sized office space, and can incorporate more team members into the video conference site screen.

At the same time, it also supports the intelligent framing of the automatic frame portrait. It can automatically adjust the size of the viewing frame according to the number of participants in the conference room, and present the best conference perspective at all times to provide the “face -to -face” communication immersive vision for both parties to the video.