Silk Stockings is a kind of clothing, mostly wearers are women. Most of them are linked, with skin tone, black, white and other colors, usually urban women’s clothing. It is said that the prototype of stockings in the 16th century, but modern stockings were invented by Americans in 1938. At that time, dark and translucent materials were used. Regardless of the colorful stockings of young girls, or sexy stockings of mature women, it can be found in the wardrobe of most urban girls.

Stockings function:

1. Modify your legs

Some small flaws and regrets on the legs can be covered by stockings. In addition, the softness and smoothness of stockings can increase the beauty of the legs. Putting on stockings can give people a solemn, beautiful and elegant feeling. Therefore, female employees in many industries must wear stockings while working.

2. Cold protection and warmth

When the weather is relatively cold, you don’t want to wear too thick clothing. At this time, you can choose a pair of proper thickness stockings to wear on your legs. In this way, you can prevent cold and keep warm, and avoid being too bloated on the legs.

3. Sun protection prevention and sweating

Going out in summer and wearing a pair of stockings on the legs can greatly reduce the strength of the sunlight on the leg, and also protect the ultraviolet rays.

When wearing trousers in summer, when the legs sweat, the trousers will stick to the legs, increase the friction between the skin and trousers of the legs, which brings great inconvenience to the action. If you wear a pair of smooth and breathable stockings in the trousers, at this time, whether you sweat or not on your legs, the trousers and the skin of the legs will never stick together.

4. Prevent edema

Those who have been engaged in standing for a long time, such as welcomes, waiters, etc., are prone to edema because of their lower positions in a lower position for a while. Wearing stockings is equivalent to putting a certain pressure on the legs from the outside of the leg, which can greatly reduce leg pain, swelling and fatigue. In addition, people who have a plane for a long time can wear tight pantyhose or socks to avoid thrombosis in the legs.


Classified by length


Stockings: Refers to stockings (two stories) with length to the left and right ankles.

Zhongtong socks: refers to stockings (three bones) with length to below the knee.

Changtong socks: refers to stockings that can be worn on the root of the thighs.

Qi knee socks: only to the knee, usually there are elastic tops, no hanging straps.

Pantanic socks: Lian shorts and long socks are integrated, with high waist.

Hanging stockings: It refers to stockings hanging from the bottom to the crotch from the bottom to top to the crotch. It is divided into: one in the form of wearing, one is a holding type, and the other is a wearing type.

Thickness standard


The thickness of stockings is based on “Denier” to formulate standards. The packaging of each pair of stockings is usually marked as “D” or how many “Denier” (D or Denier is a fiber unit. How many D). Therefore, the higher the number of “D”, it means that the relative weight of the fiber is higher, and the thickness increases. The smaller the “D”, the thinner the stockings.


Ultra -thin stockings are generally wrapped silk or spandex materials. Other stockings materials include spandex cotton blended, velvet, silk cotton blended, and Leicce.

Among the standards of stockings, the ultra -thin 3D to 12D, generally thinning from 12D to 39D, medium thick 40D to 200D, thick 300D to 2000D, 2200D or more belongs to ultra -thick (double layer (double layer Thick).

Logically speaking, the ultra -thin ones are used in summer, and the thick velvet socks are used in the spring and autumn seasons.

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