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Wen / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Xuhua

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After so long of rain, God finally gave us “good face”. At this time, the most suitable activities are naturally a picnic. However, for the detail control, before going to the picnic, you must first prepare a few high-quality lunch boxes to prepare a friend circle. In this era of beauty, the content of the picnic is of course tight, but it is essential to make the temperament of the temperament. Moreover, a beautiful and convenient box can not only make you a picnic, but you can call you countless envious eyes when you take a meal back to the company.

Is it easy to heat insulation or heating?

In ancient China, people are playing basket boxes to act as a lunch box, generally there are single layers, double layers, and three floors, which is said to have a small carbon furnace at the bottom to heat preservation. However, it is currently used to use it as a decorative tableware. As for the current term, the term “convenience” is the creation of the Japanese, the earliest Japanese literature “Yulin this year”, but also a covered basket. However, I have experienced a hundred years of evolution, which has evolved three categories according to the function: First, it can be heated by microwave, one is to have insulation function, one is itself pluggable. Among them, both of them are most common. Whether it is a thermos or like printed, special Baihui, Le Baihui, and music buckle have a large number of models.

However, pay attention is that the plastic category is when the box is heating, pay attention to the control time is not too long, usually two or three minutes. At the same time, the cover is turned on when heating is to prevent the danger of an explosion.

Plastic is the lightest

Throughout the context, although they can be roughly divided into plastics, metal, bamboo and glass of four categories. But the most convenient to carry, the most fans are still a light plastic material. They generally temperature-resistant range is at the highest temperature of 120 ° C, lowest temperature -20 ° C. However, when buying the box, you must strictly select a safe material, such as polypropylene (PP), PC material, PE material, etc., now more common, the box material is a PC material.

About the material of the plastic box, one is to see if the lunch box is complete, there is no QS logo, there is no production license and the recent test report. At the same time, I have to test the hardness of the box, and I will smell if there is an odor. Moreover, when using plastic, when the box is used, it must be replaced periodically because the plastic lunch box will be subjected to high temperatures due to wear, which will easily release the plasticizer into the food.

At the same time, the plastic lunch box should try to avoid the food that is too high or high in sugar when used, otherwise it is easy to generate harmful substances. It is also necessary to avoid cleaning using a strong cleaning solution or cleaning cloth.

Speaking of durability, of course, is a metal convenient box, the price affordable capacity is large. However, when you purchase, you must pay attention to whether they are made with edible stainless steel, such as 304 steel. If you use other non-food levels of stainless steel, it will cause harm to the body.

As for the glass material, it is used as a maximum selling point with green environmental protection and non-toxic and harmless, and they are most suitable for microwave heating, and it is easy to clean. Close. The current glass is roughly divided into two: ordinary glass tempered lunch boxes and heat-resistant glass, use high boric silicon glass, can be directly microwave. The biggest defect of the glass lunch box is heavy, and it is not resistant to falling, not suitable for daily carrying.

主要看颜值! 春日花花便当盒巡览

As for the milky, it is of course bamboo or wood quality, which is mainly produced from Japan and my country’s Taiwan, and it is high-grade. However, they can’t be used to heat, easy to smell, it is easy to make moldy when they meet the moisture environment, so they must choose the brand, such as Bento & Co, Afternoontea, and more.

Beautiful appearance

In the contest, there is a relatively famous and pursuit of a happy buckle, like printing, special Baihui, Denom, Tailor, Tiger and other brands.

In the insulation lunch box, you can say that the capacity is large, you can consider the separation of the music buckle, with a capacity of 800ml, with two small round boxes outside the lunch box can put fruit and small dishes, and also equipped with an insulation rope Tote bag, the price is about six or ten yuan. If it is insulated, it is recommended that Japanese kitchen brand Thaifao launched stainless steel insulation boxes, within normal temperature zones and super long insulation zones, 18-8 stainless steel liner, enough sanitation. And its supporting tote bag liner is very easy to clean. There is a storage network that can be placed in the bag, and the side of the bag is also used in storage networks, which is very convenient and practical, but the price is compared to the grade, and a lunch box will be over 100. If you want the capacity, you can consider the double-layer lunch box from Asvel, and the single layer is the same capacity, but it covers a smaller area and easier to carry. One of the layers of the movable compartment can be separated from the easy-to-stroke dishes. This lunch box is also equipped with insulation, and it is also very convenient to go out of a picnic belt. Recently, the new insulation and preservation of the new promotion, as the brand, the Glasslock (Sandy Cloud), it is a fresh-keeping tableware brand from South Korea, which uses tempered glass, although there is no heat-resistant glass to high temperature resistance, but the life is longer, and more resistant to tissue . Since its expansion coefficient is 3.6, it can be adapted to 0 ° C to 120 ° C, or it can be heated in the microwave oven, but remember to open the cover.

If you want to be light and installed, then the largest home supplier in Japan is inomata’s plastic transparency. When you can consider it. It uses a PP material, and the dining box is 2L, which can heat-20 ° C to 140 ° C, with a water scrap sheet design. There are 5 snack boxes, you can put a dish and fruit. It is especially suitable for office workers and picnic.

But if it is said that the recent high-value value is a box, then you have to pay attention to the following brands.

If you like Europe’s minimalist wind, you can choose the British design brand Black Blum or France’s Monbento. The former is made of advanced food grade plastic, which can be heated in the microwave. In the box, there is a detachable, sauce box and fork, and it is absolutely easy to use the foreigner. The latter was founded in 2009 by Emilie Creuzieux, its “Original” series, using PBT material, more flexible and durable. The inner layer of MonBento has a detachable partition, which can be discharged from the demand; while the lunch box is partially designed with a silicone cap, and heat steam and pressure can be released. As for the lid, there is a sealing leak-proof design, and the entire lunch box can be used for microwave and dishwashers.

主要看颜值! 春日花花便当盒巡览

If you like the wind, then Time & Style, Share With Kurihara Harumi, Hakoya These three Japanese brands You can try it. Among them, Time & Style’s multi-layer combination is a box, which has a modern style while full of Japanese traditional flavors, and its basic contract is a low-key luxury route, which is the most eye-catching in a picnic or family gathering.

Share with Kurihara Harumi is a Japanese research home chestnut fine grocery brand. Its product line is very rich, and it is rare to look good, it is very easy to use. As for Hakoya, it is a famous easy box brand in Japan, which is established in 1945 and is the most traditional and well-known in lacquering instruments. Its Japanese old house series is very sprouted, worth collecting.

However, it is the highest popularity, of course, it is a large Japanese high-compatible when all fashion bloggers often appear in the picture. Bento & Co, it is established in Kyoto, and it is a sense of elegant temperament and design. Welcome to fashion big coffee, the most famous is the convenient box made in Japanese traditional crafts.

主要看颜值! 春日花花便当盒巡览

As for the high-quality nourish box, there is also a Thai Seagull that is often on the magazine. It is a simple design route, sports design, and the box is manufactured with 18-10 stainless steel, and the corrosion resistance is very high, it is not easy. The taste of the food, even can directly heat it on the fire.

The same, simply simple and stylish design brand metaphys, which design Ojue uses innovative longitudinal design, which can be placed in a narrow briefcase. And it is rarely divided into three layers, both practical and designed, and even boys can eat. As regards that Sugar Land, which looks full of four-poec, with candy color and nostalgic design, is actually a Japanese brand. It has a large capacity, not only for men’s lunch, but also for picnic, outdoor activities, and it is very close!

Take the box to buy Dafa

When purchasing a box, you need to pay attention to the indicator of security, sealing, heat preservation, number of compartments, and the like. Safety is to see the identification, and the sealing can be placed in the thermal insulation kit, and the cover is sealed inverted for more than two minutes. If there is water to ooze, the sealing performance is not good. When testing insulation, the hot water can be poured into the insulation lunch box and sealed the cover. If it is found to be significantly hot after four or five minutes, it means that it is not strong. Of course, if you smell, when you have obvious plastic flavors, or the color of the color is dark, then give it up, the raw materials are definitely unsafe quality but also.

Liang Xuhua