Hello everyone, welcome to discuss Audi Motors together. As the first luxury car brand to enter our country, Audi has always occupied a high position in consumers, especially the Audi A6L. With the continuous update, the A6 has become younger and sports. Essence The new 2021 Audi A6L has also been released. The younger appearance directly attracted a large number of young people’s attention, and directly occupied the sales list of C -Class cars. Essence


Audi A6L looks at Ling Li’s domineering design style


From the front, the large mouth grille and the horizontal chrome trim are matched with the bright LED headlights on both sides. It looks very good. People can’t help driving. It can be seen from the side of the body that the slender waistline extends directly from the front to the rear, making the entire body look slender, but it also increases some elegance. The taillights are redesigned, and the chrome trim in the middle looks very eye -catching. The visual impression of the entire car is even larger than the Mercedes -Benz E -Class.


Audi A6L space wide interior is full of futurization

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new 2021 Audi A6L is 5050mm * 1886mm * 1475mm, and the wheelbase is 3024mm. The spacious space also brings a very comfortable riding experience. The interior is more luxurious and technology. Entering the driver’s seat, the first thing to see is the two large screens of the central controller. The upper part is the multimedia entertainment control interface, the lower part is the air -conditioning control interface, and the LCD instrument board above the steering wheel. Very futuristic.

Audi A6L is equipped with two powers

In terms of power, the Audi A6L is equipped with 2.0T high -power and low -power engines, with a maximum horsepower of 190 and 224 horsepower, while the stronger 55TFSI model is equipped with a maximum horsepower of 3.0T V6 engine is 340 horsepower, which accelerates to 100 kilometers only It takes 5.6 seconds. The entire series uses a 7 -speed dual -clutch transmission, which can bring faster gear replacement speed and excellent driving smoothness.

At present, the price of the Audi A6L has dropped by 80,000 yuan, the minimum price is only about 350,000 yuan, and some areas can even reach 340,000 yuan. With a very low price and excellent driving experience, you can consider starting this 2021 Audi A6L. Open it will be attractive. Will you choose the new Audi A6L? Leave your answer in the comments area, I am a car friend of everyone, we will see it next time.