Men can automatically upgrade to charming men when they are a little old. They must not take it lightly, and they cannot be lonely. Can they keep the last stubbornness and anti -bone spirit in their hearts? Leon also found, isn’t this the real marrow of leather clothes? Take off the suit and put on leather clothes. The inexplicable heart in my heart can’t wait to try it. This is the unique magic of leather clothes.

Male ● Shirt about 1950 yuan / Bryseland’s


About 2350 yuan / designworks

Necklace is about 1950 yuan / longo × sympathy of soul

Female ● About 2800 yuan / Bagutta


Short skirt is about 1300 yuan / scottch & soda

The earrings are about 42,000 yuan, and the bracelet is about 29100 yuan / both Bijoupiko

What is going to be subverted first is “No, right?”


The relationship between strangers must be calculated from the distance, and the beauty of the beauty passs by. It also starts from remarks. Using such a distance change to make articles. The other party’s first view is impressed by passing by.

Male ● T -shirt is about 2800 yuan, jeans of about 5050 yuan, sunglasses about 3,000 yuan

Bracelet (top) about 3600 yuan, bracelet (bottom) about 3600 yuan

Shoes about 5850 yuan / both are Saint Laurent, the watch is about 140,000 yuan / zenith

Female ● About 14,500 yuan, about 3,000 yuan / both sungoscope is Saint Laurten

Retro and novel cardigan leather jacket

Fer Island pattern cardigan -style leather jacket, rich retro style, the fabric is soft pork leather suede. Courtes of cardigan leather jacket about 28,000 yuan / Saint Laurent

Increasing the return rate, leather clothes really love to “cause trouble”

From a distance, it is a man wearing a casual cardigan. When he was the shortest distance that passed by, he found that it was actually a leather coat. It would be predicted one second before, and a beautiful woman who was particularly sensitive to fashion would definitely notice you.

This year’s trend is this kind of leather jacket that does not follow common sense

Making items that were not originally not leather into leather clothes. This season’s leather clothes are not based on common sense. From cardigan to baseball jackets, everything is available.

01 hood

Leather hoodie, good friend of men


The excellent soft Nippi hooded jacket, cuffs and hem stitching thread woven, brisk sports style, the cuff brand logo brand brand, at first glance, it is not a special product. About 20150 yuan / dolce & gabbana

02 cardigan

Skin -winning sweater with a soft touch


High -grade silk calfskin material, cardigan -style suede jacket, only woven the thread in the collar one week, the brushsticks are light and light. The inside of the lining is also first -class. About 21200 yuan / runfo

03 baseball jacket

Wangdao baseball jacket turns into luxury leather clothes


Baseball jackets are usually Melton wool body splicing leather sleeves. This big body uses leather suede, the sleeves are cowhide light skin, and the shrinking threads of the placket and cuffs are also leather. In the case. About 31300 yuan / ajmone

03 denim jacket

Tribute to the classic denim leather jacket

Boldly engraved the 1st classic denim jacket, beautiful dark blue soft sheepskin, and even the color tone is paying tribute to the denim jacket. About 5550 yuan / PS Paul Smith

The magic back of the back three seconds lock the sight

Not only can I not see it, but the beauties around them can’t see it, but those who can play the magic of the people passing by are back. Those leather clothes that make articles on their backs make men who are busy chatting with the people around them, which does not affect the sight of the people passing by, which is really eye -catching.

1. Big logo like iron -absorbing

There are many details behind passers -by’s attention. The best thing is the big logo. The big -name LOGO is put on, so there is no need to say more, just wait to accept the baptism.

Female ● About 13,500 yuan / celine

Cool black leather jacket, the scenery behind is unique

The high -end cowhide hooded jacket, the design highlights behind, Celine’s white logo embroidery should not be too eye -catching, military uniform green lattice lining, preservation of first -class warmth. About 36500 yuan / celine home

Large brand logo is the direction of sight


Barbar, black leather jacket, behind the bright big logo, the women around them have no reason not to be attracted, but the type of man does not do anything, just sitting there.

2. Lightly stripe locks


The iconic pattern of the brand is actually as easy to use as the LOGO. It is also powerful behind the back. It is more expressive than directly on the logo, which will leave the imagination space for the beauty.

Pants about 2100 yuan / Berwich

Glasses about 4550 yuan / jacqus marie mail


The watch is about 24500 yuan / TUDA

Sign pattern for the background leather jacket

Behind it is designed with a brand iconic rainbow strip. The rainbow strip is made into paint effect. The lambskin material is made of hard and hard. About 8500 yuan / Paul Smith

As long as it is a sign of the big brand, it can be taken over again

No one will turn a blind eye to the striped pattern of the paint effect.


3. The “mascot” of condensing sight

Behind the image of the brand logo, don’t want to run at a glance. Even if you don’t know this brand, just looking at the mascot is enough to be eye -catching.

Sunglasses are about 3400 yuan / ahlem, watch about 47650 yuan / belL & ross

Type men’s funny white motorcycle jacket

Soft cream -colored sheepskin single zipper locomotive jacket, behind it is the relief pattern of the brand logo skull rabbit, the high -end version of it. About 3800 yuan / psycho bunny

The relief design will not be too arrogant


The signs behind the white leather coat, the skeleton rabbit, funny? poisonous? mystery? In short, it is very eye -catching, because the relief method is used, and it is integrated with the background color, which will not be too arrogant.

The folding jacket is about to start now

In the previous length, all the thin leather clothes were introduced, which is suitable for wearing in early autumn. Now, let’s take a look at the winter leather jackets of warmth care. Someone may ask, is it so early? In fact, it is not too early. The number of leather coats has a small number of production, and the popularity is the target of the competition. Do n’t buy it when you want to wear it. If you invest in advance, cover this expectation on your chest for a while.


Knitting sweater is about 9800 yuan / tom ford

Meicoscopy is about 5700 yuan / TOM FORD EYEWEAR

The watch is about 84,800 yuan, the strap is about 4900 yuan / both Tom Ford TimePiece

Good things, men and women, kill men and women

In the 1970s, the motorcycle jacket model, the highest -level skin flutter, the perfect combination of masculinity hardcore and advanced luxury, not only the opposite sex, but also to see a few more. The material is soft and warm. About 63,000 yuan / tom ford jacket


Same color matching, fashionable tough guy

In the 1960s, the woolen cashmere semi -high -neck sweater was drawn in sportswear, and the excellent partner of the pill jacket was the same as the same color.

With romantic silver hair

Soft silk sloping dual zipper locomotive jacket, high -level luxury, the surface layer is like Napa Pippi, with a light and luster, the inner wool is fine and soft, the touch is soft, the excess details are removed. Huafa. About 63300 yuan / brunello cucinelli


Fluffy, soft and velvet, lady love


Polycine Parisian isabel Marant’s own brand has launched men’s clothing since 2017. This season, it mainly focuses on retro leisure. The combination of furrs and sports wind hoodie, wide models, cuffs and hem folds. About 25700 yuan / Isabel Marant Homme

The ancestor of rough hardcore and fashion

The retro pilot jacket is a prototype, the furry freshes are dyed, and the cavity is full, as if it has been rolling together for decades, soft and comfortable, rough and hard -core, and because of black, the fashion can be guaranteed properly. Bright noodles are rolling on the side, high -end urban style. About 20900 yuan / Lardini

Edit / Li Weigang

Photography / Character · AOSORA Stida, Hachiya Studio (

Style / Sifang Zhang Jing, Jiu Xiuichiro


Hairstyle / Eiji Sato (SIGNO)

Makeup / ChaCha (Beauty Direction)


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