[How to wear a “waist stool” with a baby artifact? ] Some parents use waist stools to tie the belt very loose, do not like to use a waist stool with a backbone strap, and when using a waist stool, they always like to hold the front style, so that the child is always on the front side of the body. In this way, the weight of children and waist stools will be pressed on the waist and hips for a long time. And because the belt is too loose, the waist stool is moved down. In order to maintain a balance, the parents’ upper body will not be able to move back. After a long time, the back muscles are too tight, which will affect the cervical spine in severe cases. So how to wear a waist stool correctly? 1. First fix the belt above the cheekbones. 2. Take a deep breath and try to tighten the clip of the waist as much as possible. 3. The two sides of the sticker must overlap correctly, so that there will be better support. 4. Put the fixed buckle outside and tighten the bands on both sides of the waist. 5. exhale and adjust the waist stool to the front. 6. Adjust the position of the waist stool and adjust to the position that suits you and the baby. (Source: Peking University Third Hospital)


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