China Economic Net, Beijing, April 13 (Reporter Zhu Guowang Yang Qiqi) On April 12, the Fujian Provincial Drug Administration announced the announcement of 2021 cosmetics supervision and drawing results (Phase 1) showing that one battery loved cornfall babies cooling powder products Smok inspections are not qualified.

Testing through the Institute of Food and Drug Quality Inspection and Research Institute of Food and Drug Quality in Fujian Province, the production enterprise is a loving corn baby cosmetic powder (label batch number: 200519) products produced by Weilukic (Xiamen) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Total number of molds and yeasts.

For problems found during the sampling inspection, the Fujian Provincial Drug Administration has requested the local regulatory authorities where the enterprise is located to investigate and deal with relevant enterprises strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, further investigate the source of the product involved, find out the facts of illegal facts, and deal with it in accordance with the law.

According to the information of the State Drug Administration, the entrusted enterprise of the unqualified product Aili Corn Babies Powder is Xiamen Dilter Enterprise Co., Ltd., and the actual manufacturer is the Victor (Xiamen) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Vilukic (Xiamen) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a production plant for infant care brands Aideri and Bengnini poetry cosmetics products. Finnie poetry corn babies pink, Befenni’s poetry bubble shampoo shampoo and other products.

According to the official website of Aiteli, Delt Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a family -style enterprise and was established in Taiwan in 1975. It is understood that Aideli mainly sells maternal and infant supplies such as silicon pacifier, newborn bottle, baby water cup, wet towel, mothers’ care products. Among the e -commerce platform Aiter’s mother -in -law flagship store, the total sales volume of three products with pacifies and bottles of Ai Delei and bottle is more than 100,000.

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