Hello everyone, love 5 has already ended. What details are Wei Dao who controlled as details? Today we will take a look, you may not notice the details!

NO.1 Zhao Haitang and Xiao Hei

Friends who have watched the show know that Xiaohei has 7 people like Huluwa. After Zhang Wei and Zhuge broke up strongly, Zhao Haitang asked the singing and jump -type little black helper to confess to the assists, but he made an oolong, but it became full of Zhang Weihe. Because Zhao Haitang did not know that Xiao Hei had 7 (Meijia and Zi Qiao saw 7 Little Black, Zhao Haitang hadn’t moved in) because of the pig apartment, he encountered a writing type Xiaohei when he went to Xiaohei to talk to Essence And when he said Erwa and Sanwa, Zhao Haitang would show a aggressive expression!

NO.2 Pig Apartment

Friends who have watched the love apartment series should know that in fact, the character image of the protagonist group has been designed in the fourth season, and cartoons appeared in the fifth season! So do you know how to distinguish each role?


NO.3 Hu Yifei’s mailbox

Friends who have watched the love apartment know that Hu Yifei and Rabbit are very close to. For example, the character described by Zhanbo is “Jing Ruozi, Motion Ruo Crazy Rabbit” and Zeng Xiaoxian eliminated her as a “mad rabbit who beat chicken blood”. At the time of the basin account, it was also named “Philipfei Chang Beautiful Giant Rabbit 12138”.

In the fifth season, the apartment was attending the Guangu Wedding, because it was remote and there was no network. And Zhang Wei swallowed the WiFi egg mistakenly. When Hu Yifei sent the annual report of the department director, he did not know that everyone had not noticed the flashing picture! The name of the mailbox is “Giant Rabbit King”. The commonly used contact is also the friends of the apartment!


NO.4 Gift


Before Meijia gave birth to a child, everyone prepared her respective gifts for her: Yifei’s black agate string; Zhang Wei put everyone’s photos; Zhao Haitang’s music CD; vigorous fragrant candle; higher mathematics books sent by curry sauce. Do you think this scene appears? In fact, after Meijia gave birth to the baby, it was the respective gifts next to their respective greeting cards!

NO.5 protagonist’s mobile phone case


When you look closely, you will find that the protagonist’s mobile phone case is closely related to the respective people: after giving birth, Lu Ziqiao is a baby bottle style, which contains the photos of his daughter Lu Jiayi; People are the same; one of the settings of Zhang Wei is the sense of justice. Even if allergies are willing to help friends, they are the most kind of men in love apartments, so his mobile phone case is reliable;


Hu Yifei was also called “Feifei Chang Beautiful Giant Rabbit 123138” because of her character “quietness, moving the crazy rabbit” and her good dish is egg fried rice, so her mobile phone case is a rabbit+ Fried eggs (big movies are also); Zhuge Dali learns to see from her wearing that she likes the animation of “Rick and Modi”, so her mobile phone case is Rick.


NO.6 Cup

Everyone in the love apartment has a letter on the cups: Hu Yifei is “H” (Hu), Zeng Xiaoxian’s “X” (Xian), Zhang Wei is “W” (Wei), Zhuge is strong. “(Big), Chen Meijia is” C “(Chen), Lu Ziqiao’s” L “(Lu), Zhao Haitang’s” T “(Tang), and the curry sauce is” s “(history).

NO.7 Curry Sauce’s seat


When Meijia gave birth to a child, curry sauce and Zhao Haitang, Yifei went to the site to find a courier. At first, she didn’t find Meijia’s express delivery, but found her own dinosaur seat. She said that she was buying to take care of the baby. This seat has also appeared many times in the play, and the small dinosaurs have been used many times to coax Lu Jiayi.

NO.8 Friends Circle Like

Meijia and Ziqiao successfully led the certificate, sent a circle of friends, and a lot of people liked it, but only Zhang Wei was missing. That’s because when Zhang Wei jumped the river to save the curry sauce, he fell on the shore, and then rushed to send the ID card to Meijia and forgot to get the mobile phone, so there was no mobile phone to like it. Intersection


Okay, this is here this issue, we see you next time!