Application management master, give you a privacy plus lock

Recently, the Hollywood Yanyan incident was full of storms, and more than a dozen stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and other stars were exposed. Everyone was shocked by this, and secretly worried that the private photos and information in their mobile phones were also leaked.

I also have such worries. I deliberately searched in pea pods to see if I could find some mobile phone lock encrypted software. I found some software to try it. Finally, I found that there is a master of application management in line with the author’s needs. Le is not as good as the music, good things are shared, let me introduce it to you now.

Application management master is a powerful application management software. It can not only encrypt and hide mobile phone applications and photos to protect your personal privacy, but also clean up mobile phone memory to accelerate the operation speed of mobile phones, backup and restore mobile applications. Next, introduce the software interface and functional characteristics.

software interface


The software interface is mainly blue and white, which gives people a sense of blue sky and white clouds, which is very comfortable. The UI style uses the most popular flat style, simple and generous, and it looks very small and fresh. When the author opened this interface for the first time, I suddenly felt that it was on. I wonder if you saw it like this?

On the homepage of the software, through the number displayed by the interface, it is clearly known to know the total number of installed applications, the memory ratio used, and the Internet traffic consumed this month. It is intuitive and practical.


1. Application chain


Seeing this password interface, does Holmes decrypt? In fact, this is a functional interface for the application chain. If you have some APPs that do not want people to open, you can set the password through this application lock function. If others want to open your app, you must enter the password. In this way, you, you Never worry about your mother peeking at your QQ and WeChat information.


2. Accelerate mobile phone

Did you find that after using your Android phone for a while, it will become more and more stuck, slower and slower? This is because the Android system itself is running, the operation of the game and software, and the garbage generated by the webpage. After the system waste accumulates for a period of time, if it is not cleaned, it will seriously affect the smoothness of the mobile phone operation. The application management master provides the mobile phone acceleration function. Just a little bit, you can clear the system garbage with one click, release the mobile phone memory, and make the mobile phone run from a tractor to a fighter.


3. Application backup


Friends who flash the machine should know that after flashing, you will find that the mobile phone is empty and the data is empty. Is there a way to back up and restore the mobile phone data? Application management master can just solve this problem: The software supports one -click backup application APK package to mobile SD card. When needed, you can install it at any time. You do not need to re -download in various application markets, save effort, effort and effort.


4. Hidden pictures

Do you have such troubles: Friends use your mobile phone to play, but there are some private photos in the mobile phone and don’t want to see him. What should I do? It doesn’t matter, the application management master can easily help you get it. It has a picture hidden function, which can hide single photos, and can also hide multiple photos in batches. In short, you want to hide which photo will be calculated by you, don’t worry about private photos leak!


In addition to the above functions, the application management masters also have functions such as application management and application recommendation. Please forgive that you can not introduce here. If you want to know more, please download and try it yourself.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Cylindrical rounb knob stanless steel entry privacy passage lock5791 PC SS, hope it can help you.