It is indispensable to keep a warm scarf, especially the large and soft one, just want to cover it all the time. Essence Essence

A solid color scarf that had been on fire for a while, how many face blinds were seen. Essence Essence

Recently, such a scarf has been brushed, which is very recognizable. Many of the sizes are decorated with different sizes



Old dream!

The color is also very simple and elegant, and it is very simple and elegant. It is very good at all kinds of coats and suits. You don’t need to spend your brains to match when you go out.



Zhang Junning


I am also wearing it, it ’s really beautiful and temperamental, the stars have come out ~


After looking at her Weibo, I found out that this star scarf was

YPL in Australia!

The goddess not only posted a selfie, but also praised:

Warm and fashionable! Also show a small face!

Immediately contact our old friends who have cooperated many times, and the reputation and sales are very good


Australian front -line knitted brand yPL

For everyone, I got the flash purchase of Zhang Junning’s same scarf.


This is this

Australian YPL Starry Sky Scarf

It’s selected

Australian top alpaca long velvet

, More precious than “soft gold” cashmere! There are few scarcity!

The feel is soft and waxy, light and warm!

24 -hour constant temperature keep warm.

In addition to embellishing the little stars, it is very recognizable, it is still large enough, you can


Wrap the whole person up

It is very warm to look at it!

The quality is really super! class! it is good! It’s really different from ordinary scarves,

It will be warm when wearing it for 3 seconds!


The key is

Italian import

The price is still


There are only more than two hundred!

Italy has the whole world

The top textile technology,

Many first -line brands such as




It was also imported from Italy.

In addition to Zhang Junning, many stars have wearing YPL alpaca scarves, such as

Lou Yi Xiao

This one.

Recent fire


Zhu Yilong

As the messenger of China -Australia’s tourism culture communication, when receiving the awards in Sydney, Tony Maroun also took this YPL scarf as a gift.

There are countless bloggers on INS, all of which are exposed to their YPL scarves.

There are already many people in Xiaohongshu, incorporating this scarf into the pocket, after all, it has been winter, and it will be late if you don’t enter it again!


Australia YPL

Focus on the field of technology fabrics


YPL is a local first -line knitting brand in Australia. Its core R & D team comes from the top scientific research institutes such as Italy, Germany, Australia, etc., and also implemented the concept of science and technology in product development;

Relying on the natural sensitivity to fashion and new things, and the strict requirements of product design, the technology and fashion trends are finally fully integrated.

Their products, such as the previously sold 7000+ rapid thin leg pants, can be bought in Australia’s largest chain of Chemist Warehouse, and well -known supermarket Costco, Woolworths, Coles.

The Australian YPL scarf recommended this time is not only because there are so many stars to recommend calling, but also because of it

Soft and skin -friendly feel



Wear on the neck


There is almost no weight

, Light and warm!

Everyone who touches TA is convinced by its comfortable feel.


Australian top alpaca

Skin -friendly, soft waxy, small face!

YPL’s scarf is particularly increased


Australian top alpaca (Alpaca)

, Apacge fibers are soft and smooth, and they are also known as

“God’s Fiber”

As we all know, Australian cashmere is famous all over the world, and Australian hair is the best quality wool in the world. And YPL Alpaca Land Scarf is used

Apacge velvet better than cashmere

At the top of the pyramid!

And each alpaca is only cut once a year, only 3-5kg in hand, and it is necessary to use special tools to combine a little bit, very precious, so it is also called

“Hermes” in the scarf.

Sure enough, when we put our hands into the scarf, we were really shocked by this strange texture!

As if you touch the silk,

Smooth and delicate, and warm at the same time


, Make people can’t help but look on their faces.

It turned out to be because of alpaca hair

Special hollow structure

, Make it light and elastic, it is not easy to deform for a long time, and it is still soft and smooth.

And its insulating function can

Isolation of cold air

Therefore, the warmth performance is twice that of ordinary wool, even if it is minus ten degrees, it can perfectly protect the cold.

200cm × 70cm large area

It is enough to wrap yourself, and the shawl is also good.

It is even bigger on the neck,

It can just block the modified face lines


No wonder the goddess calls straight

OK! Face! Small!

Italian Precision Craft

Wear -resistant, anti -ball, sunscreen


In addition to the characteristics of warmth and skin -friendly, YPL also specially transports top -level Australia hair to

The top Italian textile process

(So ​​the labeling of the place where you finally saw Italy).

Using mature manufacturing technology

Anti -ball processing

, To prevent the ball to the extreme,


I can’t afford the ball several times!

Always like new!

In addition, each scarf is also advanced by advanced anti -fading treatment and professional anti -static treatment.

And alpaca itself

Wear -resistant

In terms of extent, it is far beyond Mer Nu wool! And it is 4 times, and it has the natural characteristics of not easy to get the ball.

The little stars on the scarf

With the strength of the sun, the color of itself



This is because the pattern of the starry sky uses a type

Italian special yarn

, With exclusive optical technology fiber.

Coffee brown scarf encountered the sun, turning purple ▼

Gray scarf encountered sunlight, turning blue ▼


So when encountering ultraviolet rays, it will change color and timely


Remind you to avoid ultraviolet rays


If you hurt it, you can’t be more intimate!

There are differences in the stars on the scarf!


With such careful thinking, the girl’s heart will be blown out!

2 stars flash purchase


The Australian YPL alpaca scarf prepared for everyone is 2 stars:


Stubing and gray.

Soft skin, skin -friendly,

Lasting warmth

Lock the temperature,

Large size

You can also use it as a shawl!

In particular, it is not easy to get this sought -after product this time, because each scarf is

And in raw materials


Australian top alpaca has very few production


At the moment, it has entered a winter with a large demand. Essence Essence

Not to mention such a rare flash purchase price,

The official website is currently priced at 369 yuan

The price of a certain east flagship store is also 329 yuan, and

Our flash purchase price is only 279 yuan!


Buying 2 will be reduced by 109 yuan in a limited time, which is equivalent to 20 % off!

As of 12.4


Original price: 369 yuan

Flash purchase price: 279 yuan

Buy 2 pieces for a limited time and then minus 109 yuan

It is equivalent to 20 % off! 7 days

Long press to identify the QR code and go to buy


And the alpaca content of this YPL is as high as 9%, and the general content can be called the alpaca scarf as long as it exceeds 5%. It can be seen how much it is!

Washing labels are also clearly written. Origin: Italy, 60%polycatis fiber, 31%Merrust wool, and 9%alpaca.


Each scarf is Italian seizure, without any chemical additions, formaldehyde and fluorescent agents, anti -static.

Classic 2 color options:




Australia YPL


Starry Sky Alpae Loch Scarf

Maroon / gray

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