Last Sunday, I accompanied her daughter to play with her friend Lili. During the play, I suddenly found a problem. The shoes worn by Lili daughter were very popular in recent years. That kind. The harm of this shoe seems to have seen it in news reports before. So the next day I told Lili about this. Lili suddenly realized that at that time, she told me that she would never buy this shoe for her daughter.

I believe that many Baoma must have bought this kind of shoes for the baby like Lili. Let’s talk about this baby’s problem of wearing shoes.


Large -size shoes


Many treasure mothers feel that they frequently buy shoes for their babies are actually wasteful, because the baby’s body is too fast, it is likely that the shoes I bought a few months ago can not be worn now. Therefore, many Bao moms like to buy a little bigger shoes for the baby, and want to make the baby wear longer. In fact, it is wrong to think about it. After the baby is put on, because there is still a gap in the shoes, it is likely that when the baby is running, the shoes are twisted to his ankle. Therefore, when Baoma buys shoes for the baby, you must buy the normal code when you buy shoes.


Shoes with glowing sounds

This kind of shoes is the shoes that Lili bought for her daughter. Because of its novelty and fun, many babies like to wear. But the baby only saw the fun side of this shoe, and did not see its dangerous side. When a baby is wearing this kind of shoes, it is often attracted by the light from the shoes, which will cause the baby to look down on the light on the shoes no matter when it is over the road. Know. There is also the sound of the shoe. This sound is particularly harsh. Babies often wear it will affect the ears. So mothers, don’t buy this kind of shoes for your baby.

Hard bottom shoes or soft bottom shoes

Some people say that we wear shoes on the baby’s soles, and some people say that they want to wear shoes on the soles of the baby. In fact, both of them are right, but for different ages. When the baby is a little smaller, it is best to wear a more soft shoes for the soles. After the age of 2 to 3, you can gradually change some of the soles of the soles. But it should be noted that it is not soft and not good, otherwise it will cause damage to the baby’s ankle.

Bao moms read this article and knew how to choose shoes for the baby?