someone said

How to see a car usage life


Just look at his window glass

The qualification sign of the car inspection is full of glass windows

Not only can it affect the driver’s sight

It’s not clean after a long time, affecting the beauty

So people often ask Shu Shu

Do you have to post the qualified sign?

The answer is: No!

Motor vehicle inspection logo electronic voucher


Open nationwide


In other words, the owner can directly apply for the inspection logo electronic voucher after completing the new car license plate and vehicle inspection business. There is no need to paste the paper inspection qualification logo.


Does the vehicle still have to check the annual inspection? How often do you check?

Where to apply for the electronic inspection logo?

What should I do if I have no paper logo?


Regarding the annual inspection cycle of vehicle, vehicle inspection logo

Today, Shu Yan explained to everyone at one time

The owners quickly come to take notes!

The inspection logo electronic 年 cancels the annual review, and the car still needs to be tried on time. Motor vehicle owners can apply for inspection qualification signs to the Registration Vehicle Management Office within three months before the expiration of the motor vehicle inspection.

I don’t know when my car should be checked

Just use it

Car inspection calculator


Long press to identify the QR code


Easily calculate the annual inspection time


the most important is


No inspection vehicles can no longer need to go to the traffic management window

You can apply for the inspection signs on your home mobile phone

Motor vehicle owners (or managers) can apply for, view and use the motor vehicle inspection logo electronic vouchers through Internet traffic safety comprehensive service platform ( or “traffic management 12123” mobile app application for mobile apps.

One picture of the specific application situation to understand


Motor vehicle inspection logo electronic credentials and paper vouchers

Have the same effect


Log in to the “Traffic Management 12123” mobile app, real -time online inquiry, present the inspection sign of the motor vehicle in your name or you have recorded the motor vehicle. At the same time, you can also download and store the inspection logo electronic voucher in the mobile phone.


Encountered traffic police to check the car

Just show the inspection logo electronic voucher

Shu Xi will check the effectiveness of the electronic voucher and the state of the motor vehicle


Remember the annual review cycle of the vehicle, and the annual review on time

Online application for inspection electronic vouchers

No need to worry about the window glass again!

Source: Heze Traffic Police