At the time of midsummer, the three -voltage sky was fierce, and the latest forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory showed that in the next ten days, high temperatures in the central and western regions of the south, most South China, and Xinjiang, and western Inner Mongolia have continued, and the local area exceeds 39 ° C! At present, the cool waves have become the demand for most people, and the sales volume of various cool home supplies has increased. The big data of Jingdong Home Consumption shows that the turnover of the lighting of the lighting of lighting has increased by 41%year -on -year; the folding bed of the lunch break space increases by nearly 200%year -on -year; The coolness of the “air conditioner”, cowhide mats, latex mats also attracted many users to place orders.

Caters to consumers to enjoy the demands of Qingliangju’s life in the summer,’s home with major brands, launching cold -colored visual cooling furniture such as blue -green and white, somatosenous cooling beds made by Qin Liang material, and black technology with strength and face value online The cooling electrical appliances, as well as the comfortable and cool things such as parasols, vine chairs, folding beds, etc., let the small home turn into a “summer villa”!

Aegean Sea Blue


Mok Lvsen

White screen

Visual cooling furniture to find out

The blue sea, green forests, white ice and snow … In the summer, even if you just see such a pattern, you will feel cool in front of you. The summer cool furniture double weekly exhibition launched by the designer furniture combined with the Channel of the Furniture Channel is exactly the use of this visual principle to use the color to clear the cold and transparent visual cooling furniture to create a light and cool space. Now buying, the audience has a special benefit of 400 minus 50.

Lazyboy Harbor Blue Light luxury leather sofa, inspired by the romantic Aegean Sea, supports electric adjustment, and enjoy the five major functions of leisure, reading, entertainment, music, and rest. The screaming design of the original dark velvet green bud bed, the green is full of forest, the back fills back to the sponge, chasing drama and reading is extremely comfortable.

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

Changhong glass and rock plates are also “masters” that make the space more transparent. The screaming design of Changhong glass light luxury steel dining table is elegant and restrained, making the restaurant full of romance. Life -style Italian shell rock panel table, combines the classic curve design of square tables and round tables. The nano -level density does not give bacteria to breed space, so that the family can enjoy the deliciousness of the four seasons.

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

Paper can also make furniture, and it has an unpredictable transparent lightness. The eighteen paper wind piano screen, with special long fiber cowhide sticky synthesis of the honeycomb structure, the carrying capacity and stretch ratio are beyond imagination. It looks small when folded. It is a white screen, minimalist design, and versatile style. Eighteen paper folding cat tunnel stools provide a warm interactive place for the “shovel officer” and the cat owner.

Qinliang bedding “comes with air conditioning”

Save “Love Chan Star”

Sleeping well in the summer night, there is enough energy to deal with high temperature roasting during the day. Jingdongjujia combined with major brands to launch bedding made of cowhide, natural latex, and cold yarn, such as the head layer, the “air conditioning sense” was full.

“Since using cowhide mats, sleep no longer over and over and over,” this is the true feeling of spontaneous sharing of many netizens. Fumana Brents painted cowhide soft mats, selected the old water beef head layer of cowhide, good breathability, elasticity, and saving every “love star”. Tashan Bullette Series Three Gorges Head of the Three Gorges Pacific Squat, breathable and cool, antibacterial and mites, bringing a cool sleeping experience of night and night.

Light, foldable latex mats are also good for many JD users. Bo Yang can wash the natural latex mat, double non -slip, mute and comfortable, and it is so simple to sleep well. Dunlop’s ice silk latex, selected Thailand’s imported latex and technology cool ice silk fabric, cool and smooth, care for every inch of skin.

Covering the heat, not covered and cold -for this summer air -conditioned room sleeping problems, the coolness was done in minutes. Xiaomi Youpin Sleeping Cool+Nano -cooling Ice Cream was used to use the “heating master” nylon, and the nano -level cloud -grained particles were implanted in fiber, like a small air conditioner on the bed. Netease strictly selected the jade coldness of the jade, which was made of the cold sense yarn of the technology. The contact was instantly cool, and the body sensation was reduced by 1.6 ° C for 15 minutes.

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

Do you have worries about air conditioning? Blowing the chandeline and the cold tyrants blowing out “

If you want to create a veritable “Summer Hill”, don’t forget to use black technology appliances to play a role. Both chandeliers and cool tyrants are both the recent hot -selling black technology cooling appliances of Jingdong home, which provides a new choice of “natural cool breeze” outside the air conditioner.

Duncie Lighting Yueyu chandelier, 6 wind speeds, three -color lighting, and enjoying the summer night. Yongyi Royal Fan Fan Lantern, light luxury design matching the unpopular style; the fan blades can be turned on and can be invisible, seamlessly in line with seasonal transformation requirements.

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

In the kitchen of Liangba, it is no longer sultry and unbearable, making people enjoy the fun. Yeelight Liangba Mijia Intelligent Links, supports APP and voice control, can open the Liangba in advance, and there will be coolness before cooking. When hot dishes come out of the pan, you can turn off the Liangba and save every electricity. Op K150 Liangba has a built -in three -layer metal filter, which accurately filter excess oil fume, and it is refreshing with negative ions.

Folding bed for lunch break


吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

Hanging basket

Calm and cool

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

In addition to cooling furniture, Qinliang bedding, and black technology cooling appliances, the recent hot -cooled home furnishings of Jingdong Home also include sunscreen, outdoor tables and chairs, balcony hanging baskets, folding beds, etc., to help consumers can be indoor and outdoor Has a cool “place of heart”.

Banana capsule series sunscreen umbrella is only one palm size, which can be easily stored, effectively blocks 99%of ultraviolet rays, and easily achieves the temperature decrease of the umbrella. The folding bed of the lunch can be changed in one step, and the 4D chair cushion inhale and breathable, and immediately create a lunch break sleep environment. After getting home from get off work, the balcony or outdoor tables and chairs of the purple leaf balcony are leisurely choices. Look at the book to drink tea, soothe the fatigue of the day, and slow down the time.

吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东

It can only be released for more than a month, and more high temperature weather is still on the road. Go to Jingdong’s home home to buy good heat, so that the hot and boredom dissipates, and clear the heart and peace.

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吊扇灯+凉霸+凉感被 宅家消暑神器热销京东