Nowadays, there are more and more people who love tea, and the tea table tea table is used to place tea sets and other related items, which is one of the indispensable furniture when making tea. There are more and more styles and materials of the tea table, so what kind of material is good for tea table tea table and when buying the tea table? Come and understand with Xiaobian!


Which material is good at the tea table and tea table

1. Wooden tea table tea table

The wooden tea table tea table is usually made into a square and simple shape, mainly based on the storage function, and the design also looks very noble. The surface of the wooden tea table is clear and shiny. The corners of the tea table are smooth. The rounded corner design is used to avoid damage to the human body.

2. Marble tea table tea table

Marble is also a common tea table and tea table material. It uses high -end materials, which is very harmonious and unified in terms of color, so that the entire home is full of natural atmosphere. Therefore, the price of the tea table of the marble tea table will be more expensive, at least one thousand yuan.

3. Artificial decorative panel tea table tea table

The tea table of artificial panel tea table is usually luxurious and elegant black, giving a high -end and elegant feeling. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the tea table of the artificial panel tea table, the material is wear -resistant and has a long service life.

4. Glass tea table tea table

The glass tea table tea table is generally high -quality transparent glass. The surface is very clear and bright, and it is also very convenient to clean. One advantage of the glass tea table tea table is that each corner is carefully polished, which is both beautiful and safe, and the price is usually around 1,000 yuan.

Pay attention to when buying a tea table

1. The depth of color

Choosing the tea table first depends on its color depth. If it is placed in the living room, the color of the tea table should be consistent with the color or style of other furniture, so that the overall effect is more beautiful.

2. Space size

Of course, the choice of the tea table depends on the size of the space. If the space is not large, then you can choose the small elliptical tea table. The simpler the shape, the better, it will not look like a sense.

3. Safety performance

Tea tables are usually placed in where they are often walking, so pay special attention to the corner of the table, so as not to fall to the corner of the tea.

4. Stability or movement

Generally speaking, the large tea table next to the sofa is rarely moved, and the small tea table placed next to the sofa armrest is relatively large, so you can choose the style of the wheel.

5. Pay attention to functionality

In addition to the beautifully decorated function, the tea table also has certain practicality. Tea tables usually need to place some tea sets, snack foods, etc. Therefore, they also need to consider its storage function when buying. If the room space is small, you can consider buying a tea table with storage or exhibition functions, which is both practical and save space.