The mobile phone does bring us great convenience; but how to charge the mobile phone is also a problem that plagues many people.

Marty Cooper, the father of the mobile phone, once said that his great invention has the most obvious flaw -you must charge the mobile phone battery. Marty Curob’s phrase is a word of words. Although for many years, mobile phones have been updated from generation to generation. The battery capacity is getting larger and larger, and the charging technology is becoming more mature.

It is precisely because of the “electricity anxiety” that in life, carrying a charging treasure and charger with you, the power is less than half, and began to find the power supply and the interface to charge the mobile phone … It has long become a “subconscious” habit. Once the phone is out of power, people are like a single island and lost all the links.

However, the mobile phone charging is not as simple as inserting. What many people do not know is that the charging habits that we are accustomed to are actually hidden in many hidden dangers.


1. Irregular charging is accelerating your mobile battery scrap

When the mobile phone is out of power, the “car family” is charged with a car charger on the car, and even some riders with a USB socket on the car are saved by the car charger. As everyone knows, this behavior hurts the battery.


The USB socket on the car is reserved for audio transmission. The current that can be provided is very low. Generally, it is only 5V/0.5A. If it is used for charging, it is easy to charging mobile phones, very hot, and battery damage. Not only that, but even the car charger that is cheap and buying a non -power or not to meet the standard may also occur.

There is a certain degree of similarity to the car family.


As long as you sit in the office and find that your mobile phone is out of power, you will habitually use the data cable to directly insert it on the computer USB interface and connect to the mobile phone to charge. In fact, the USB interface current of the computer is very unstable, and it will be strong and weak with the use of the computer. This will damage the activity of lithium ion in mobile phone batteries and then damage the service life of mobile phone batteries.

In addition to the above two cases, over -charging overnight, charging overnight, charging in high temperature environment … also more or less damage to the service life of the battery.

2. If the above behavior will damage the battery, the charging habits below may be “terribly” if you do not pay attention to prevention.


Swipe videos and play games, where you can play, will inevitably play while charging; this behavior not only damage the mobile phone battery, but also produces a lot of calories. In severe cases, a battery explosion may occur.


“Playing while charging” actually knows risks. However, in contrast, the charger’s long -term sticking to the plug -in board is the habit of more people, and it also hides greater security risks.

According to relevant research data, even if the charger inserted on the socket is empty, it is quietly “eating power”. If a mobile phone original loader is not pulled, it will consume about 1.5 degrees per year.


Since there is electricity consumption, the phenomenon of fever will continue to heat, so as to accelerate the aging of devices and materials. Some chargers that do not match the models or models are more likely to be short -circuited or penetrated by high voltage. occur.

Although charging safety issues, although they are old -fashioned, they still cannot stop the security accidents such as mobile phones exploding and causing mobile phones frequently occur.

Similar to this kind of security accidents caused by mobile phone charging, from the perspective of main contradictions and secondary contradictions, the battery life of mobile phones, mobile phone charging power, and charging safety seem to be an important issue that is more urgent to solve.

In recent years, with the rapid development of hardware such as mobile phone processors, the upgrade of the screen, the expansion of the application scenarios, and the continuous addition of the performance … and the increase of major short videos and social software, bringing faster power consumption consumption consumption. At the same time, it also increased the electricity anxiety of mobile phone users, and for the problem of power anxiety, major mobile phone manufacturers have sought technical breakthroughs in the field of flash charging and fast charging.

Among the many mobile phone manufacturers, the first concept of fast charging is OPPO.

In the year when the charging power was not valued at that time, the green plant took the lead in the fast charging field and released the VOOC flash charge technology to set a benchmark for charging for mobile phones.

“Five minutes of charging, two hours of call”


The slogans were introduced into thousands of households; in the next few years, smartphones have entered the era of “fast charging” and “flash charging”.

Especially in recent years, major domestic mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have been launched on the “fast charging technology”, making great progress, and also promoted the development of fast charge technology and charging rate of the entire industry; in just two or three years, The power of commercial fast charging has increased the entire number of magnitude, and entered the era of “hundred tiles of charging”.

Today, you are 120W, and I will be 240W tomorrow. It seems that the power competition is the “main theme” of the industry. Winning power is more worthy of the majority of mobile phone users.


However, charging speed is obviously not the only standard for mobile phone charging.

Is it fast? is it safe? Is the opponent battery harm? It has become a question that many people are increasingly concerned. When the doubts are loud enough, it will attract attention, so the “safety risk” problem of high -power charging has also attracted more and more attention from mobile phone manufacturers.

Even in order to cope with the security issues of large current charging, some mobile phone manufacturers have adopted a variety of technical means such as “dual battery” and “series dual battery cells”.

Even so, in recent years, news that various charging devices have exploded and fire have occurred. In fact, if the charging is fast and charging safety, most people will choose safety without hesitation.

Of course, this is also the responsibility of many mobile phone manufacturers, after all, life is greater than everything. It is strange to say that although the glittering technology has been in the leading green factories, although as early as September last year, the 125W super flash charging technology has been released, but on the two main mobile phones it launched this year’s Find X3 and Reno6, it still adopts more. Safe more secure 65W.

Do you have any technical do not need to be a big move?

Two days later, on July 22nd, it was OPPO’s “2021 Flash Charging Day. At this critical time point, the green factory officer sent a soul and asked: From 22.5W to 125W, the mobile phone charging can only be faster and faster. Does it exist in safe and fast charging technology in the future?

Liu Bo, senior vice president of OPPO’s China region, gave the answer to this question: “As the charging power is getting higher and higher, it is time to pay more attention to charging security.”


From the first generation of flashing in 2014, it has been seven years now. In these seven years, OPPO has exceeded 3,000 patents in the field of fast charging, and a total of more than 1,500 has been authorized. Always leading.

Nowadays, since the green factory dares to take “safety” as the theme of this brand opening day, I believe there must be a lot of breakthroughs, and how much surprise this breakthroughs will not be available until the official release on July 22 before it is officially released before it is officially released before it is officially released. It will be known whether this technology can start the “flash charge technology 2.0 era”, let us wait and see.

However, before this “2.0 era” officially opened, we still need to protect the battery while protecting ourselves.

Battery experts tell us that compared with excessive storage, incorrect charging habits, maintaining the power of mobile phone between 20%-80%, is more conducive to the extension of the battery life. Of course, don’t try to play while charging. It is even more unsuitable for a whole night. After all, it is not necessary to “scramble against time” at all. It may only be necessary to brush your teeth and have breakfast in the morning, and the battery power can be charged to 80%, which is enough to meet the long -term needs.


In particular, it is important to note that when charging mobile phones, you must try to use a regular charger. It is best to use the original charger, using those inferior or model chargers, USB interfaces, and car charging produced by unconventional manufacturers as the charging as a car charging as a car charging produced as a car charging as an irregular manufacturer. Charging mobile phones will have a great impact on the life of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is charged, a large amount of heat generates due to unknown reasons. When it is very hot, it must be pulled out in time to avoid the worse situation.


In other words, have you recruited these bad charging habits that are accelerating the scrapped mobile phone? Let us wait for the opening day of the Green Factory’s flash charging. I look forward to the safe battery in the future, and there can be safe and fast charging technology.