Yuexiu: Elderly Cruckets Falling injuries Fire emergency rescue

On May 10, Guangzhou Fire Police said that an old man could not move at home. The 119 Command Center immediately dispatched fire rescue personnel in the jurisdiction to the scene to rescue.

After arriving at the scene of the accident, it was learned that it was a granddaughter about 70 years old who planted vegetables on his rooftop. Due to the rain in the past few days, the pavement was slippery, and the old man accidentally fell during the work. After preliminary diagnosis of medical staff on the spot, the right side of the elderly and the right arm of the elderly had different degrees of damage, which was likely to have fractures.

越秀:老人天台种菜摔倒受伤 消防紧急救援

Because there is only a 80cm exit channel on the rooftop connecting to the room, there is also an aluminum ladder in the middle. After investigating the scene and understanding the situation of the elderly, considering the inconvenient action of the elderly, the fire rescue personnel decided to use a cable to rescue the rescue form for rescue. Essence

越秀:老人天台种菜摔倒受伤 消防紧急救援

In order to prevent the elderly from suffering secondary injuries, with the help of medical staff, firefighters should avoid the injured parts of the elderly as much as possible, carefully wear a safe suspender for them, and fix their bodies with safety ropes. The exports were successfully transported to the downstairs room and handed over to the on -site medical staff in time.

Please remind the elderly in the family that you need to pay attention to the weather changes in time. If you work or play, you must accompany your juniors to avoid accidents. In addition, the elderly must carry communication tools with them to prepare from time to time. I hope the old people are healthy and safe!

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