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The annual Mother’s Day is coming again. Are you ready for the gifts for mothers?

Everyone dresses himself beautifully every day. Have you ever wanted to come to help your mother dress up?

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

It’s better to take advantage of this Mother’s Day to draw a beautiful mother

Mom makeup

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Right ~

Today’s makeup is suitable for the daily makeup of mothers’ life, which is relatively simple, and the full makeup time is almost in

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

30 minutes



The tools they need to be used today are as shown in the figure below, and I will make an introduction at each step:

The products are basically what you can use on weekdays, so make makeup for mothers, it is actually very simple, don’t prepare specially ~

The model who appeared today is: Xiaoying’s mother, she is a retired doctor, this year is 63 years old ~ Thank her for her appearance:

Let’s first have a makeup before makeup Tu Town Building:


Step1: base makeup & pre -makeup

With the age of age, mothers often appear dull and appear dull, and pigmentation has appeared. At the same time, the skin secretion of the skin will become less, and the skin is more prone to dryness.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

When choosing a base makeup, you need to pay attention to two points:

Do not be white at base: the color is as close as possible, or slightly whiter than the skin color, which is conducive to better modifying the facial defects.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Pay attention to gloss: The skin of older women is easy to dry, and the moisturizing base makeup is not easy to appear heavy makeup, and card powder will also appear.

Therefore, the VDL shell brightening solution can be selected as before the makeup, and applied appropriately at the center of the face to increase the luster of the face.

VDL pearl shell brightening liquid makeup previous milk stealth pores real skin liquid 30ml/bottle Korean imported …

After that, the sponge chose the IOPE air cushion BB as a base makeup, because the air cushion BB itself was more moisturized and the powder was delicate. This occasionally makeup mothers will be more acceptable. When applying it, use a puff to make makeup. In order to keep the skin’s gloss, you can make makeup without makeup. If the mother’s skin is easy to get oil, you can use some loose powder slightly.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

There are many models of this air cushion BB. The sponge chooses the C -series No. 23 color with a better concealer effect. It is suitable for natural skin tone and the color will not be too white.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

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Base makeup complete:

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Step2: concealer brighten

Because of the loss of collagen and gravity, mothers’ skin will relax than when they are young.

At the same time, it is easy to have spots on the face. It is recommended to modify it with concealer after the base makeup.

This RMK concealer has two concealer with different shades and a transparent fixed makeup powder. It can modify dark circles, spots, and set makeup at the same time.

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Light -colored concealer is brightened on the face.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Taking it lightly with your fingers can effectively reduce the sagging of the skin.

Step3: eyebrows

Eyebrows are really important parts. When you draw a person, you will be energetic.

When thrush, you can follow the original eyebrows of the mothers, but it should be noted that many mothers will sag down (also because of age), so be careful when dealing with the eyebrow tail. Don’t draw too low. It is easy to be old -fashioned.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

If the eyebrows are relatively sparse, you can draw it with an eyebrow pencil. This Clinique’s eyebrow pencil, the core is hard, it will not be painted with a pile of color. At the same time, the core of the pen is fine enough. It is convenient to draw the eyebrow tail. Remember to brush the eyebrows with the spiral of the tail after painting, which can faint the color of the eyebrow pencil and become more natural.

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Kate’s eyebrow powder believes that many girls have it. The cost performance is very high. Simply drawing can balance the color of the eyebrows, making the eyebrows look furry and more natural.

Free shipping Japan Kanebo Kanebao Kate Kate Ting three -dimensional three -dimensional shape eyebrows, waterproof and sweat …

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Kiss ME’s eyebrow dye cream is also a good helper. If the mother dyed her hair, you can use this to finally adjust the eyebrow color. If the eyebrow itself is too thick, you can also use the eyebrow cream to reduce the thickness of the eyebrow. The 04 color is dark brown, suitable for most people ~

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Kissme Chismei Heavy Rotation Sexy Naked Makeup Eyebrow Cream 8G 04 Dark Brown

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

The effect of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder on the one side:

After the eyebrows on both sides are painted with eyebrow pencil powder, a little eyebrow cream is used:

Step4: Eye Shadow

Older women’s eyelids are easy to dull, and appropriately apply a little shadow to make the eyes look brighter.

The elegant earth color of color is more suitable, it is not easy to make mistakes, nor will it appear too strong.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

But pay attention when choosing the texture of the eye shadow, try to avoid matte color. The matte earth color is easy to look dull and old for mothers. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid large pieces of glittering pearly eye shadow. The insufficient pearl light is easy to highlight the wrinkles and folds on the eyelids more obvious.

Conclusion: Choose delicate micropaly eye shadow

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

The reputation of Lunasol’s eye shadow has always been good, delicate, and suitable for Asian skin tones, and it is not easy to lose. It is a good choice for my mother’s makeup eye shadow ~

The color number of the sponge today is: the desperate situation 04, the similar earth color system can be used, the problem is not big.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Hong Kong straight hair Lunasol Sun Moon Crystal Eyeshadow Four Color/Five -color Pearl Light Earth Color Bright Eye Shadow Plate …

With the eye shadow stick attached to the plate, the color of the second row of the second row is filled with the entire eye socket. There will be a slightly bright feeling around the eye, and the eyes are brighter.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Step5: Adjust the eye shape

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Adjusting the eye shape is a technical work, in fact, it is very simple for mother makeup.

The double eyelid stickers do not need to be as accurate. It can be pasted above the original eye folds, and it can immediately improve the sagging eyes of the mothers.

But be careful not to put your double eyelids too much, otherwise mothers may be difficult to accept

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

The sponge is cut with a double leaf leather sticker by itself, and it is enough to be practical:

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母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Because Xiaoying’s mother does not like to draw eyeliner, after adjusting the eye shape, the dark color in the eye shadow panel just now is slightly applied to make her eyes deeper.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Step6: eyelashes

The mascara is the only magic weapon that makes the eyes have a god. If you are too lazy to draw the eyeliner, remember to brush a eyelashes when you go out ~

Clinique’s magic long mascara is very suitable for today’s makeup, fast dry, without fly legs, not blooming, warm water to remove.

It is very practical for mothers.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Clinique/Clinique mascara slimming magic mascara 01 6g length 39 degrees warm water removal …

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

After brushing the eyelashes, does it feel like drawing eyeliner, mascara is so important ~

Step7: blush repair

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Blush is a must -have for mothers’ makeup. After the mothers make the base makeup, the blood will be covered up. Therefore, in order to make the color rosy and shiny, it is absolutely necessary to brush a blush.

Needless to say, NARS’s blush. The sponge uses super orgasm in this blush plate. Compared with ordinary orgasm color, the gloss and rosyness are increased, which is very suitable for increasing the complexion of mothers.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

When brushing blush, pay attention, try to brush on the cheekbones and above the laughing muscles. Do not brush too low, otherwise the mothers’ faces will easily look drooping.

Nars/Nas dazzling blush rouge #Super orgasm super climax 4.8g

Rightening and repairing is a magic weapon to adjust the facial structure. In addition to the jaw, the hairline can also be repaired, making the entire face look smaller.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

This repair sponge is purchased at Memebox. It seems to be the website of the website. Pony endorses. The color is very suitable for Asians and is more suitable for daily makeup.

If you like to be more obvious, it is recommended to buy the two -color repair of MUF.

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母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Step8: Lipstick

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Lipsticks are the key to adjusting the complexion. First of all, the lip color of mothers is often deep and uneven, so the covering force of lipstick needs good enough.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

In addition, mothers’ lips will become not as plump when they are young, so pay attention to the adjustment of lip -shaped when drawing lipstick, and can draw a plumpness.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Looking at personal preferences and skin tone, Xiaoying’s mother likes deep colors, so the sponge has selected a red lipstick based on her skin tone.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Creamy Matter Lip Color color number from Bobbi Brown is Warm Beige 5

The moisture and covering force of lipstick are quite good.

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

Draw the lower lip properly, and the lip shape is even more beautiful ~

母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下


母亲节妆容: 别只顾着自己美,让你妈妈NEW一下

After the makeup surface is completed, simply sorting her hair. Xiaoying’s mother looked at her in the mirror, showing a satisfactory smile ~

Mother’s Day is now. Hurry up and take out your cosmetic bag and give her a beautiful dress for her. Let her have a pleasant festival ~

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