How to design pet nests? Suzhou Yaxia mushroom plus decoration teach you to become an excellent shit officer

Sometimes these cute pets are unscrupulous to demolish their families. Presumably many people who raise pets will encounter this situation. So what kind of home improvement design can not only satisfy the play of the master, but also make the shovel officer worry -free? Today, Suzhou Yaxia mushroom plus decoration will introduce to you

Pet nest design


I hope everyone will become an excellent shit officer.

Vertical space planning is important

For cats who love climbing, the planning of vertical space is more important than the broad space of horizontal space. Use the scattered shelves and bookcases to let them play. Through the design of the layer plate at a high place, the cat’s movement space is extended to fully satisfy the cat’s climbing fun.

Pet door allows hairy children to shuttle freely

Most of the time pets stay at home, and long -term locking in the cage is not conducive to their growth. Considering the dynamic line of pets, the pet door can be installed on the door to allow them to enter and exit freely, and the owner will not be troubled by helping to open the door every time. The small pet door, or use the storage cabinet as a cat toilet, let the pets find their own activity space freely.

Permanently running the whole room to satisfy pets

For families who are serving the Master Miao, they need enough heights to meet their needs. Therefore, during the decoration plan, you can use partitions and storage cabinets, or add a walkway design in the ceiling space to allow cats who like heights to walk freely.

Choose furniture with pet personality

Cats with hunter character often catch furniture to declare sovereignty. You can place cats grab or cat climbing to satisfy their desires. The unique cat climbing rack can play a role in decorative space. For example, the fresh cactus cat climbing rack is more suitable for the Nordic style room.

For dogs, the requirements are simpler, a soft sofa, enough.

Create a field of mutual companionship

If you can plan the area where you are in love with your pets in advance, you can not only distinguish between people’s pet space, but also create a warm atmosphere of harmony. Combining the bedside table with the cat’s nest, a small vine basket with a natural texture to create a clear and soft room atmosphere.

Combining the sofa with the dog house can not only meet the needs of daily functional use, but also allow dogs to rest with peace of mind.

Tips for decoration


1. The choice of the main material.


Choose tiles as much as possible because it is more wear -resistant and easy to take care of. Wooden flooring is easily scratched by pet’s paws, affecting aesthetics.


2. Selection of furniture.

Try to choose wear -resistant and durable materials, and choose leather furniture with caution. It is easy to leave scratches when pets are playing, and it is difficult to repair. In addition, it is best not to leave a gap under the sofa and bed, which can easily cause the dead corner of sanitation.

3. Selection of home supplies.


The storage cabinets and trash cans in the room are avoided to prevent pets from turning around. Carpets and other objects can choose economically and affordable, which is convenient for cleaning and cleaning.

Nowadays, more and more families have joined the pet team. Whether it is cats and dogs, or small animals such as fish and birds, it is a gift that life gives us. Because of their company, the family has more temperature. Hope today

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Can help everyone.

Pet nest design

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