Pocket drone, after watching DJI to see them, which one is your dish

Small sample sleepy

Stay up late last night to see the new product conference in DJI, right?


Is this feeling the same as chasing drama?

So sour

Early in the morning, no right is in the early morning

Follow -to -hard journalist

Just broadcast this new product of DJI for us

A folding pocket drone

Many bombers these days

There seems to be a lot of promotional publicity like this

There are indeed a lot of drones for boys to hang back for girls’ plugging bags


Let’s see what small “funny” is there

(The order order is meaningless.)

【Zero Dobby Pocket Drone】

Retail price: 1899


Weight (including battery): 199G

Endurance time: 9 minutes, can be charged with a charging treasure

Control distance: 100 meters

Use altitude: 2000 meters


Image sensor: video shooting 1080P


Effective pixels: 13 million

Photo shooting mode: single, time, multiple (2 ~ 15 pieces), beauty, trajectory aerial photography


Slogan: essential artifact for outdoor tourism, one -click shooting circle short video

Black Science and Technology Intellectual fun -face recognition

Facetracking algorithm

Can scan, recognize and remember the characteristics of the face

Follow the recording object in the movement


Black Science and Technology Intellectual fun -goals follow

Targetrackingt technology

Human objects in the state of exercise

You can follow the shooting

Black Science and Technology Intellectual fun -real -time synchronization

Photo and mobile phone album synchronize

You can share it to social platforms with one click

【Tencent Empty Shadow Ying drone】

Retail price: 2499

The entire machine weight: 425g


Endurance time: 15 minutes


Wheelbase: 22.5cm, after folding, it looks like a 5 -inch mobile phone

Slogan: UAV who understands travel

Black Science and Technology Intellectual Fun -Live Room

Access live broadcast app

Don’t show your face as an Internet celebrity

Black Science and Technology Intellectual Fun -Follow Mode

No need to 24 hours on call photographer

Enter the follow -up mode

Follow -up accompanying photographer

Black Technology Intelligent Play -2 positioning

Indoor light flow+ultrasonic positioning:

Implement indoor balance suspension

Outdoor GPS positioning:

Use 7 satellite precision positioning

[DJI Mavic Pro “Royal” drone]

Retail price: 6499

The entire machine weight: 743g

Endurance time: 27 minutes


Picture distance: 7km

Effective pixels: 12 million

Image sensor: 1080p

Black Technology Intellectual Fun Play -Seismic Design

Equipped with the smallest three -axis machinery on the market


Effective isolation of the body vibration

And the impact of air bumps on aerial photography

Black Technology Intelligence Play -Long -distance Map Chuan

The latest DJI Ocusync HD image transmission technology

The longest distance can reach 7 kilometers

That is, the plane flew out

You can’t see its distance

Black Technology Intelligent Play -P4 Some of it has all it

Both three -dimensional vision

Ultrasonic environment perception system


Precise hovering in no GPS environment

The environment of 30 meters before the flight before the flight

Can stop or bypass the barrier in the range of 15 meters

Black Technology Intelligent Play -Smart Shooting Mode

Add gesture selfie, vertical shooting


Intelligent mode of parallel follow

You can also control through your mobile phone

[Zhendi Poweregg little dome drone]

Retail price: 7888

Overall weight: 2100g

Endurance time: 23 minutes

Picture distance: 5KM

Image lens: 4K camera+3 axis self -stabilized cloud platform+360 degrees ring shot

Slogan: one -hand remote sensing manipulation, aerial photography is easier

Black Technology Intellectual fun -unique egg design

It is like a “flying egg” in the closed state

In the flight state, the four rotor opens open

The erected body makes it very low in gravity

Reduce the risk of overturning flight


(I really want to laugh when I see it at first glance….)


Black Technology Intelligence Play -Skin Sensor Remote Control


Flying direction as you want

It feels like home appliance remote control

Get started in 1 minute

One -click start and land, surround, take pictures, etc.

Black Science and Technology Intellectual Fun -Flying

Yundai camera supports 360 degrees rotation


With global vision

Remove the rotation of the head to operate

Reaching natural thinking control drones


Black Science and Technology Intellectual fun -unique security mechanism

Release the switch and automatically hang up

Falling accidentally, automatic hovering

The minimum distance between locking the fuselage and the remote control during flight

Guarantee user operation safety

Smart electronic fence settings


Avoid flying effective control scope


Black Technology Intellectual Fun Play -Cool Air Shooting

360 -degree surround mode


Set the map of the map and fly in order

Remote control GPS positioning function

Real -time accurate follow

Forehead. Essence Essence These pocket drones each have their own autumn

Which one you like, it depends on your own decision

After all, radish and greens have their own love

But next time I don’t have to wait for the male ticket to travel together

Let the tourist artifact take you to force you to fly

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Image sensor: video shooting 1080P

Effective pixels: 13 million

This article is the original author of the headline. Without authorization, it is not allowed to reprint.

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