Xinhuanet, Beijing, March 25th (Reporter Sun Bingjie) It was originally unusual for traveling to the hotel when they went out to visit the hotel. The encounter of Ms. Gao Gao made this ordinary incident “unbearable.”

At the end of 2018, Ms. Gao and her family went to Zhuji, Zhejiang to travel. The Zhuji Tongfang Hao Sheng International Hotel near the scenic area had accidentally hit the tempered glass table in the hotel room. The severe injury of the cervical spine caused the disability for life. Ms. Gao’s family complained in an irritating Ms. Gao’s family and sued the hotel to court.

When you are injured in the hotel, is the hotel responsible? Is there a potential safety hazard in the common tempered glass table and glass bathroom of hotels? The reporter interviewed the relevant personnel.

Incident playback: The glass table in the hotel room is actually the culprit of “disability”

“I don’t want to mention this now, it’s really unbearable. A person who was originally jumped in my mother was paralyzed.” Even two years before the incident, Ms. Gao’s family was emotional when he mentioned the matter. Still unable to calm down.

「新华关注」出游入住酒店致终生瘫痪 玻璃桌缘何成“元凶”?

On December 31, 2018, Ms. Gao and her daughter at the age of 75 went to Zhuji, Zhejiang to travel to the New Year’s Eve, and stayed in Room 8365, Tongfang Hao Sheng International Hotel, which is close to the famous scenic spots in Zhuji. “At that time, I chose this hotel because of the introduction that it was relatively high in Zhuji, and it was close to the Sites of Xi Shi, and it was very convenient to walk for one or two minutes.” Yes, staying in the hotel is to let the elderly visit the Scenic Spot near Xishi.

But on the second night of staying -January 1, 2019, the accident happened.

According to the daughter who lived in the same room with him, at 22 o’clock that night, Ms. Gao finished cleaning his clothes in the bathroom and was ready to get to dry it on the balcony. From the bathroom, you need to bypass a long and transparent glass reinforcement table to reach the balcony. When the table was bypassing, Ms. Gao accidentally hit the table, and her face fell to the ground to the outside of the hard glass reinforcement desktop and fell to the ground. The fall this time caused serious damage to Ms. Gao’s cervical spine spinal cord and life -threatening. Later, after many treatment and recovery, although he saved his life, he was paralyzed, and his life could not take care of himself.

In January 2019, Ms. Gao after the rescue of the hospital (the interviewee confessed)

Prosecution: “Hotels involved should demolish all glass reinforced plastic tables in the room”

More than two years after the accident, Ms. Gao never returned home and lived in the rehabilitation hospital. There must be someone around her for 24 hours to accompany them. Ms. Gao’s daughter quit her job in Beijing and specializes in taking care of the elderly. The family’s direct economic expenditure for the elderly and rehabilitation has exceeded RMB 1 million. According to Ms. Gao’s family, except for the hotel, the hotel assisted her mother to the hospital for rescue and exempted from more than 20 days of room fees during the period of taking care of her mother. In the past two years, the hotel has not initiated compensation from beginning to end.

In the two years of medical treatment, Ms. Gao’s family consulted many senior domestic orthopedics doctors. Doctors said that in the process of accidental falling, if the head and face touched hard objects to block or impact, it would be easy Causes spinal cord injury, and the consequences are extremely serious. In 2019, Ms. Gao and her family decided to sue the Zhuji Tongfang Haosheng International Hotel and Fang Fang Real Estate Co., Ltd. to court, asking the defendant to compensate for economic losses, and attached one in the lawsuit: requesting the hotel involved in the hotel to demolish all the full transparency in the hotel in the hotel in the hotel. FRP office desk.

「新华关注」出游入住酒店致终生瘫痪 玻璃桌缘何成“元凶”?

The glass table in the hotel involved (Photo confession of the respondent)

In this regard, the reason given by Ms. Gao’s family is “Due to light lighting, guests can easily hit this fully transparent writing table. If it is not for this reason, the elderly will not fall, nor will it bring so big to the cervical spine to bring so big to such a big big cervical spine. The impact. The request to make this request is also to make more families avoid similar tragedies. “

On March 19, 2021, the People’s Court of Zhuji City had a trial of the case. On March 24, a reporter from Xinhuanet called the hospital. Zhou Jing, the judge of the case, said that the hidden safety hazards existing in the steel table in the hotel proposed by the plaintiff would go to the hotel to conduct a field survey in the near future. As for how the case will be judged in the end, in view of the case, the case is still in the trial stage, it is not convenient to disclose.

What attitude does the hotel involved in the Ms. Gao’s family? Mr. Xu (English name Jason), who claims to be the person in charge of the hotel office, replied to Xinhuanet reporter on the 24th, “Since the current case is being tried, the relevant responsibilities have not been determined. Ding. “And rejected the request of the reporter’s further inquiry.

Question: Why do hotels prefer glass equipment?

“In recent years, why are more and more hotels willing to use tempered glass facilities during the decoration, such as glass bathroom door or glass reinforcement table?” Industry insiders told Xinhuanet reporters that most of them are based on two points of consideration. One is to increase visual space to increase visual space sense. Because most hotel rooms are already small, if you use the wall, it will take up a large space. The use of glass not only reduces the occupation area, but also has a large room in terms of visual effects. “If you use brick walls, the thinnest must be 12 cm thick, plus at least 15 cm of space thickness with tiles. If you use glass, you basically do not exist.” Second It is also more beautiful to look up.

However, from the full transparent glass reinforcement bathroom to the writing table of FRP, although the room appears more spacious and brighter, many safety hazards have been buried.

It is not difficult to find out public reports in the media in recent years that it is not uncommon for guests to hit the full transparent glass door and cause injuries. In October 2018, Mr. Zhao, Linyi, Shandong, accidentally hit a fully transparent hotel glass door, causing head injuries to the head; in the same year, Ms. Liu, who came to Beijing, accidentally hit the hotel’s transparent rotation door, causing eye injury to the eye injury. Paid pins …

In response to such disputes, Liu Reitang, a lawyer of Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, said that whether the hotel decoration is used in the decoration of the hotel, it is not specially stipulated in the industry under the premise of compliance with safety standards. But he also pointed out that if the hotel uses a full transparent glass device, it must be prompted in a significant position to prevent unexpectedly. In such cases, there are many key issues of “no tags and warnings” in hotels involved.

According to the provisions of the “Infringement Responsibility Law” in my country, if the hotel and other public places have failed to reach the obligation of security and cause damage to others, they shall bear the liability for infringement. At the same time, the Supreme People’s Court’s “Explanation on Several Issues of Application of Laws on Personal Damage Compensation Cases” also stipulates that: natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations engaged in business activities such as accommodation, catering, entertainment, or other social activities, and the safety within the scope of reasonable range The guarantee obligation to cause personal damage to others, and the compensation owner requests them to bear the corresponding compensation liability, and the people’s court shall support it.

“The transparent and clean glass door is not said to be a person who is not very good -eyed, that is, people with good eyes may hit them a little bit. This requires the hotel to take effective prompts and warnings. There is no prompt or warning at the table, which is equivalent to not fulfilling the obligation to security for the guests. “In view of the fact that the guests themselves have certain responsibilities, so whether the hotel should compensate or compensate the case depends on the specific cases of the case. The situation is determined. This website will continue to pay attention to the progress of Ms. Gao’s case.