Technical Zone | How to wash the equipment and washing methods to save energy and reduce consumption?

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With the increasing energy conservation and environmental protection style in recent years, the research and development of washing equipment has moved closer to energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition to paying attention to some structural details in technology production, it should also pay more attention to the main points of energy conservation and environmental operation.


Intelligent and efficient washing equipment


CEHF Four -Army Pouring Machine

Accurate, efficient, easy to manage

It has the function of fourth -site feeding, which improves work efficiency and saves labor costs.

Strong adaptability, easy to operate

The adjustment speed adjustment can be adjusted, which is perfectly matched with the ironing speed.

Use two servo motors to control the seasoning vehicle separately, and spread the grass to the left and right. It can be set without pulling force, and the cloth grass of different fabrics can be used for flat delivery.

With a dual servo structure, the speed is faster and more stable.

The lifting teleport belt and the small piece of feeding channels are simple and convenient to operate.

High -efficiency delivery, high -quality display

The vacuum box is controlled by the wind gate. When the seasoning car is unfolded, the vacuum box is opened to open the air outlet, which will adsorb the lower end of the cloth grass, so that the grass grass will cause tension up and down, and it is easier to smooth it.



CEF-F series folding machine



Domestic first -point removal of static rods with electrostatic function

, Effectively reduce the static electricity on the grass, reduce the problem of rolling grass, wrinkles, etc.; improve the folding quality, increase the reliability and stability of the machine.


· Patent technology turning zone removal mechanism to eliminate static electricity on the conveyor belt, and avoid adhesion to the conveyor belt during the folding process.

· Domestic leading folding technology: the first three folds, and the latter two folds. It does not damage the grass, but also improves the folding quality.

· The horizontal folding configuration has a maximum four -channel folding working mode. The grass does not have to be input synchronously, the same size, and the work efficiency is four times.

· Adopt a smart photoelectric monitoring system to measure the length and actual motion speed of the fabric, and improve the folding accuracy.

· Use PLC to control the touch screen operating panel, superior human -machine exchange interface. It has the function of facilitating, analyzing and maintaining various faults.


GPYD series high -speed scalding machine

· Double -sided cross -ironing, fast ironing speed, high efficiency.

· Entry roller device to make the ironing grass flatter.

· The teleportation shaft composed of stainless steel composite tube has smooth surfaces and not rust, high processing accuracy, and stable operation.

· The rear roller has no guidance band, ironing the laying grass is good, and there is no instructions.

· The steam pipeline uses the imported brand’s hydrophobic valve, rotating joint, and pipeline mirror, which is reliable.

· Imported high temperature -resistant ironing band, small deformation, long service life.

· The main roller bearings use concentrated refueling lubrication, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

· You can choose the number of heating rollers according to the thickness of the grass and ironing speed to reduce the steam consumption;

· Large -screen LCD display, the working interface is clear and easy to operate.

· Handheld -holding control device makes the operation more convenient and safer when the machine is maintained.


Energy -saving, consumption reduction washing method

Before washing


Before using washing machinery, soak the dirty clothing with detergent for about 15 minutes, let the detergent and dirt fully contact, and then wash it with washing machinery. This can not only ensure the cleaning rate of clothing, but also reduce the working hours of washing machinery.

When washing

When using washing machinery, pay attention to


Washing clothes are washed in the order of thin first and then thick

Generally, the soft and soft chemical fiber and silk fabrics can be washed with a washing machine for four or five minutes, and the thick cotton and wool fabrics can be washed for more than ten minutes. Therefore, washing the thick clothes separately can effectively shorten the operation time of the washing machine.

The use of washing mechanical laundry needs to be washed in classification and coloring, and washed with different colors of clothes. Not only washing is cleaned and washed quickly, but also avoided the clothes to dye. If the amount of water is too much, the water pressure of the washing mechanical wave disk will be increased, thereby increasing the burden of the motor to increase the power consumption; if the amount of water is too small, it will affect the upper and lower flipping of the clothes during washing, increase the washing time, and increase the power consumption.

How to wash the clothes has nothing to do with the washing time, mainly related to the dirt of the clothes and the variety and concentration of detergent. If the washing time specified in the washing machine, the degree of washing degrees will not be greatly improved, and the energy will consume a lot.

If the dirty clothing is very small, the use of washing machinery will waste a lot of electricity. Too much washing will cause the overload operation of the washing mechanical motor and damage the motor. Therefore, it is best to wash it according to the rated capacity when washing. Only in this way can the washing machine effectively exerted the effect.

Technical Zone | How to wash the equipment and washing methods to save energy and reduce consumption?



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