Douban 9.0, this adult animation scale is incredible

In the two sessions of this year, the number of female representatives reached a new high.

Women’s voices are becoming more important.


“It is recommended that illegal surrogacy -related tissue practitioners in punishment”;

“It is recommended that domestic violence alarm separate columns” …

The proposals rich in women’s perspectives make people see the awakening of women’s power.

However, this road is far from reaching the end.


For women’s freedom, we still need to discover more noodles.

Today, let’s introduce a related high -scoring new film.

Discuss in -depth, the sensitive topic that is hidden between the gender–

“Free them”


This is a short episode of animation produced by France, with a total of ten episodes, only four minutes for each episode.

But don’t look at it because of this.

Douban 9.0


The high score is enough to prove its short and intensive.

France has always been a vanguard in history.

Not only did it send a modern

The first sound of feminism also led the trend of sexual liberation.

This free and romantic country’s concept of sexuality is really bold, dare to talk and say.

In film and television works, there is no taboo.

This animation is not only unique in style, but also amazing in content.


The topic thrown in the first episode is full enough-

“Male syrup”.

This metaphor refers to semen.

Of course, this is also a kind of irony.

In the widely circulated urban legend, the benefits of male semen have been blown through the sky.

Rich nutrition, nourishing moisture, beauty and beauty, prolonging life.

Even the effect of treating depression.

The exaggeration is that countless men think of this truth and deeply obsessed.

So that the sacred semen has formed a kind of worship of mystery, and constantly “sell” to women.

If you conduct related search on Chinese search engines, you can also find a lot of “popular science”.

In reality, men care about the amount of semen.

In adult pornographic films, a large number of themes featuring semen are also produced.


The vulgar and stench words- “Yan Ji” was created.

All this is ridiculous.

People with a little common sense know that all this is purely nonsense.

Semen is actually just a pool of water and a small amount of protein.


In addition to being able to play its due role in the process of reproduction.


Worshiping it in daily sex is tantamount to worshiping a spoiled milk.

This has to make women feel strange:


Since they are so convinced of the benefits of semen, why not try its efficacy by themselves?

After breaking the superstition of semen, the topic of the second episode is even more explicit-

“Those things to go back to the back door”


That is anal sex.

Everyone understands what it means, but few people will notice the meaning behind it:

This is actually a kind of sex -free sex.

Because everyone has anal.

Both men, women, and transgender can become active or passive people.

Therefore, in the perspective of sexual liberation, it has a progressive significance.

In reality, it is indeed becoming more and more common.

“Searching for related content on Google can get one billion results.”

However, the contradiction is:

People are still silent on the bright side.

Because the words related to it in life are similar to the “burst chrysanthemum”, which is usually used as an insulting abuse.

This means that it is artificially given a different meaning.


What is reflected is a level of respect and inferiority:

The passive side seems to be a lower person than the active party.

As we all know, in traditional concepts, passive parties are usually women.

This is also the core of the first two episodes.


Obviously it is related to the sexual life of both sides, but women are always slavered and controlled.

It is the one who lost sexual freedom.

Some straight men will try to use body fluid to perform a certain degree of “humiliation”, and they will also be interested in anal sex.

But once in turn, it is completely unable to accept it.

For example, you will never agree to be anal sex.

All logic is actually very simple.

Interested in anal sex, why can’t you experience the pleasure of it yourself?

Wilder said:

“Everything in the world is about sex, except for sex itself, sex is about power.”

This is nothing more than a gender concept.

People have already moved towards the era of sexual liberation, but the patriarchal concept of patriarchal system is retained.


This has caused differences in sexual acts in sexual behavior.

Men seem to be conquer, strong and full of attack;


Women seem to be obedient, weak and passive.


The “semen” focused on the first episode is a tool that symbolizes “sexual power” under this system.


Through the action of “Yan Shi”, women are successful.

Men are high, occupying the main position of the entire event.

After such a dial in the film, if you think about it a little, you can indeed find the injustice that exists.

In sexual life, women’s joy is obviously neglected and suppressed for no reason.

Is this really reasonable?

The answer is obviously no.

The physicalization of women in sexuality has always been an urgent problem.

Japanese drama “17.3 About Sex”

Of course, freedom is not just reflected in sex life.


The freedom of age and body is also included.

For example, this third episode-

“Older is also a flower.”

Among them, the perspective of age anxiety is refreshing.

People really prefer young things.


It is irrelevant, which is a natural law that anyone cannot deny.

In other words, age anxiety it exists objectively in a sense.


Therefore, the key to treating it is not to go extreme.

Excessive anxiety, that must be the abyss of the other’s stare, or the trap of cosmetics sales.

The “non -old myth” created by men and businesses is even more indispensable.

And no anxiety is not desirable.

This is obviously a kind of self -violent abandonment, breaking the jar broken.

Not only do you completely lose your personal charm, but also make your mentality go to another extreme.

Therefore, let’s go naturally, just like it or care, it doesn’t matter that it is easy.


Freedom of anxiety and freedom of anxiety.

But the most important thing is that you must not “be more disciplined and treat others strictly.”

Similarly, we understand our figure.


Compared to the age of age, the body is plastic.

That is, as long as it is self -disciplined, it can be controlled, so it is more like the “block tiger” that hinders freedom.

Countless women are struggling hard to have the ideal devil figure.

Sports, diet, liposuction, and medicine, omnipotent.

Some morbidity, but it is also understandable.


Of course, this is of course the strict requirements of women’s image for a long time.

On the other hand, who feels that he must be perfect?


The views in the film are very willing:

“In short, I don’t want to say that you have to love your original appearance.

Because this is too hypocritical “


We should recognize this fact.

But this does not mean that you need to transform yourself unconditionally.

Some people spend huge sums of money every year on unnecessary weight loss, and some people suffer from anorexia due to long -term diet.

A good figure is the longing for everyone.

But don’t need to give up the enjoyment of life, or ignore your health.

“We can still learn to love ourselves.”

Moderate self -confidence must have.

Think more, don’t follow the trend, love everything.

Even if it may be fat or small belly.

Because of this, Xiangyu likes the poster of this film very much-

A group of women stand in underwear, they are completely different, but they look very confident.


I still remember last month, a surprise thing happened:

As a male, Li Xuan actually became the spokesperson for a female underwear brand.


Propaganda words are full of straight male cancer.

“A equipment that allows women to lie easily.”

What kind of brain circuit does you want to get such a creativity?

Fortunately, this is different from the past, such outrageous operations are tantamount to digging the grave.

In the continuous protests of everyone, this endorsement in just a few hours was removed from the shelves, and merchants had to apologize.

At the same time, we can also find that such examples have now become a minority.

More brands are not restricted to tradition and began to pursue diversification of figure.

This is the result of a long -term concept update.

Just as the free freedom of women in “Freedom “–

Freedom, anxiety and freedom, freedom of the body, freedom of view …

For their various prejudices, they still exist.

So for them, we should discuss loudly and ask for demands boldly.

Only when the sound is heard, the action is seen, and the views are found, can various problems come from behind the scenes.

Only can women get out of the situation of being stared at.

Even if it may be offended.


Even if, it may cause fierce argument.

Even if there may be no progress, Yu Yu returned.

But at least, we are feeling freedom and existence.


Seeing yourself as a woman, and seeing the future of women.

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