Seeing that the summer is coming soon, is the sisters ready to wear sandals in summer? If not, this rainbow -colored words that Sister Mi wants to say today is to find out!

Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

This pair of thick heel sandals is actually the beginning

The design of Sergio Rossi, it uses a variety of colors to create a light and gentle style, which is just matching with summer. But the same UR also has a basically exactly the same, but the shoes with different thickness on the wrists of the shoes are distinguished first!

This pair of Sergio Rossi’s lace is relatively wide. This is also a place where big -name shoes are considered more. The wide lace -up comfort will be better. However, the design of the UR is relatively good at the face. The thinner band is better in beauty, but it is not suitable for long -term wear, and it feels very good.

The appearance of the two pairs of shoes is very different. It can be distinguished at a glance at a glance. In addition, the toe is also distinguished.

Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

SERGIO ROSSI’s pointed pointed. Personally, I feel that the square head will look small, but the pointed lady Fan Er is relatively full, and the dress with a dress is fresh and fresh.

Let’s talk about the problem of the heel. Both pairs of shoes are designed with thick heels, and the height is 3 cm. If it is a fine heel, there may be less stable factors, but the thick heel is very stable! Even if you never come into contact with high -heeled shoes, you can wear it to walk normally.

In addition to the analysis of comfort, let’s take a look at the color and appearance. This rainbow -colored stripe design is a style that I like my personal favorite. I have only seen this design on the shirt before. It also surprised me on high heels. The sense of fashion on my feet is super strong, and I have a special fan! There is no buried

The reputation of Sergio Rossi.

These shoes are in

Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

The leather used in the design of the Sergio Rossi, and the saturation of the color is maximized, so that the benefits are very white. In the UR design, the material is replaced by the artificial leather, so that the cost is definitely a lot of decline, but it is also good, that is, the fabric is softer, so that the thin band is not very good.

Aside from the appearance (the difference in appearance is not very large), the UR is better than

Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

Sergio Rossi’s comprehensive strength is better. The price is one factor on the one hand, and the foot feeling is the other factor. On the size of the choice, because both pairs are sandals, the sisters should not choose the set of thoughts of high heels. The size is just right. Its bands are adjusted. Walking is not too sharp.


Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

Sergio Rossi’s rainbow color matching seems to be unable to buy, and if you are lucky, you may still pick up. Of course, if we don’t have to wear high -heeled sandals at the luxury level, UR is a good replacement choice, and the cost -effectiveness is appropriate.


Sergio Rossi彩虹色高跟凉鞋对比UR同款,相似的设计应该选哪款

The rainbow -colored high -heeled sandals of Sergio Rossi and UR are shared here. Remember to wear your own color this summer! Don’t forget to pay attention, more good -looking and continuous sharing!