Children will have an idea, that is, envy the adults and want to grow up quickly. Therefore, parents will find that sometimes children will secretly put on adults’ clothes and shoes, play as adults, and imitate the every move of parents. These actions of children often make parents feel cute and interesting, but sometimes it makes your parents feel crying and laughing.


Recently, there is a video of a child’s mother’s boots on Weibo. In the video, the child said, “Mom also let me wear your boots.” So the mother asked the little girl to put on her boots. But for the mother, ordinary boots, wearing the baby’s body until the thighs, look like a baby put on a armor. The baby was also very excited to put on the mother’s shoes, and kept twisting her body, as if she was dancing according to her own rhythm, and her face was still with excited smile.

Netizens have been loved by the little girl, and they commented: “Fashion girls must be necessary!”, “Instantly turning into a mechanical female warrior”, “Hahahahahahahahahaha, it is really a cute big foot strange.”

Children like to wear adults’ clothes. Adults may feel that children like to play. As everyone knows, there are some professional psychological knowledge behind this.

Most children like to wear adults’ clothes, mostly at the age of two. The theory of Piajie’s children’s cognitive development theory reveals children’s psychology hidden in the hidden children behind adult shoes and adult clothes. Before the child was two years old, he had not awakened himself, and was in the stage of feeling movement.

They do not do something planned, but they will also have their own discovery. After discovering the difference between adults and themselves, they will want to explore, and then they will imitate the actions of adults, and when they find that adults are happy because of their behavior, worry about their fall and pay special attention to him. Will repeat these things to get more attention from adults.

After the age of 2, the child belongs to the previous computing stage and pretending to be a game. They will envy the tall image of adults and envy adults to be independent and mature. So they will use adults and shoes to learn adults and dress up to satisfy their fantasies about growing up.

In fact, the behavior of imitating adults like children is not useless. On the contrary, he also has some benefits to the growth of the child.

⑴ Improve cognitive ability


The reason for the child’s imitation of adults is the initial development of the child’s self -cognitive ability. Children recognize the difference between parents and themselves, so they will rise to exploration. Parents can encourage their children to wear adults’ clothes and shoes, and can help their children better understand adults and understand themselves. In addition, this is also very helpful for children to recognize different shapes, colors, different materials, and textures.

⑵ Improve your child’s imagination


When children imitate adults, they usually accompany their imagination. Children sometimes fantasize that they are already an adult, working independently, work and other activities. And more, children simply imagine themselves as parents and imitate some of their parents’ lives. And adults’ clothes will have some wonderful associations in the eyes of children. For example, imagine Dad’s shoes as a large boat, imagine the mother’s skirt as a beautiful butterfly, or treat the father and mother’s clothes as a transformer.

The ability to develop children

Adults’ clothes and shoes are definitely not suitable for children, and they are also very difficult to walk around. So children generally go slowly, and they will fall down a little carelessly. This also requires children to have a good balance. In the process of walking in the process of walking in adults, children are also studying a little bit, adapting a little, to find balance points, and exercise their balance. In the process of constantly trying, the child’s balance ability will also be greatly improved, which will affect future sports capabilities.

When the children grow to a certain stage, they will wear adults’ clothes and imitate the actions of adults. This is an inevitable move for children’s growth, and it belongs to the children’s own fairy tales. However, when parents know themselves and develop themselves, parents must take necessary measures. Let your children take it slowly, don’t be too eager, severe exercise, protect the personal safety of the child, and pay attention to the sanitation situation to let the child walk freely in a safe environment.