Source: Anhui Finance Network

Market Star, Anhui Finance Network (, and Anhui News (Cao Bin) Recently, the Ma’anshan Bowang District Court concluded together to enter theft. Four years and three months in prison and fined 50,000 yuan. Dai Modida expressed his conviction and did not appeal.

On the evening of January 26 this year, after Gambling in a town in Jiangning District, Nanjing, Dai Mo drove to a quick hotel in Bowang District. After walking to the door of the hotel room, after knocking on the door, no one answered, Dai Mouda entered the room with abnormal means, stole Zhang Mouliang in the storage box under the TV cabinet 70,000 yuan, and then left the scene and drove overnight to drive overnight. To his hometown in Luzhou City. The theft process of the clouds and flowing made Dai Dhanda feel confident. I thought that no one was aware of it. I did not know that my house theft, driving path, and remittance record had been recorded by the big data. At about 22:00 on the 27th, the police arrested Dai Manda in Bengbu City, and then conducted a personal inspection of Dai Manda. Vaguely the source of the above money.

After the case, Dai Mada refused to cooperate. In the face of the police’s multiple interrogations, Dai Manda stated nothing about that night, and he could tell him from each other. I leave without no one in the room. ” However, a series of evidence and evidence from the public security investigation are very different from Dai Manda’s statement. Dai Mouda’s lies have been recognized. The amount is still not consistent.

No matter how cunning foxes are afraid to meet a good hunter. During the trial of the case, the undertaking judge sorted out and analyzed the evidence in the case. He believed that although Dai Mouda did not recognize the theft of 70,000 yuan, the defendant’s statement, witness testimony, bank repayment records, etc. The chain is enough to prove that Dai Manda’s theft was 70,000 yuan, and the above judgment was made.

After all, Dai Manda’s fluke was finally recognized by the judge, and he lost the opportunity to confess his conviction and punishment.

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