Today I will share with you the situation of trying new shoes in the HM store last night.


1. Category: Little incense Wind Single Shoes

Material: This week, the high -heeled single shoes of the small incense wind, the rough woven fabric upper, are soft and soft than the fluffy surface, more anti -wrinkle, and the breathability is also good. The key is that the top is very light!


Foot feel: black, followed, hollow, comfortable kitten. (6cm with height) The feet are very elegant. The biggest advantage is that walking is no different from the flat bottom, but it is high than the flat bottom!


Code: Calculate the standard code. 35 -yard feet, choosing 35 yards is very suitable! Because of the rough cloth fabrics used in materials, elasticity and telescopic are stronger than hard velvet and leather!


Suggestions after trying through the trial: The design of the hollowingout makes the feet and both sides of the exposure, so the thin -footed girl paper will look better and exquisite. After the wide -footed sister paper, it will highlight the flesh. Visually may be fatter!


This pair of high -heeled shoes with cream is really high -level and ladies. Friendly to any foot type! The height of 6cm is not tired. It is very suitable for summer work, and it can be perfectly controlled with suits, dresses or denim. Wastel color!

The price of 159 is also very beautiful!


2. Category: Mueller shoes

Design: square head, cat heel, simple BV wind Mueller single shoes

Material: leather

Foot feeling: The ultra -wide 1 -character upper with soft leather is really comfortable. The design of the heel is very stable! The essential color of light brown mature women and workplace commute girl paper. High -level atmosphere!

Code: Standard code. But the sisters with wide or tall feet are recommended.

The price of 159 is cost -effective!

Alright, share here today! Favorite girls can go to the official website or physical store to go. Remember to follow me!